Top 3 Journal Apps

TutuAppMaintaining a journal everyday is a good way of staying in touch with yourself. If you want a digital way of maintaining a journal, you can use the digital apps for the same. All the journal app which are listed here can be downloaded on TutuApp.

  1. Day One Journal

It is a journal app that helps you to capture life as you live it. The app is free to use on a single device. With passcode, reminders and photos saved to your iCloud backups. You can now capture audio moments on this app. You can also preserve and track places, and locations. The app also allows you to have a look at a detailed life history. Day One Journal is a trusted place to store your life.

  1. Grid Diary Classic

Grid Diary Classic is a simple way to journal. The Grid Diary Classic app has a unique grid format and also the app comes with many personalized templates. The Grid Diary Classic app asks you many inspired questions and also you will come across many guided writing on the app. You can write your all enjoyable moments on the Grid Diary Classic app.

  1. Reflecty

It is a journal for self-care. It has been described as the world’s first intelligent journal. This app is your personal mindfulness companion. The app also asks you many intelligent questions. You can also track your progress and gain insights on the Reflecty app. You can also get personalized motivational content and that too every morning.

All the apps which are listed above can be downloaded from the TutuApp. The TutuApp is a popular app store that allows the users to download any game and apps of your choice. The TutuApp has ensured that all the apps and games which are available here are highly secure.

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