Top 3 Job Searching Apps

naukri.comIf you are looking for a job, you should download few basic apps that will help you in finding a job that you desire. All the job searching apps which are listed here can be downloaded from the TutuApp which is a popular app store.

  1. Job Search

The app allows you to search jobs and refine them with filters. You can also manage and set up job alerts on Job Search. On this app you can get jobs that match your profile. You can create and update profile on the move on the Job Search.

  1. Monster Jobs

The Monster Jobs app allows the users to find latest jobs on the go. It will help you to find better job at a faster pace. You can just swipe to apply for a job on the Monster Jobs. You can build an enriched profile to attract better jobs on the Monster Jobs app. You can track all your jobs in one place. Also, you can use the Monster Jobs app to enhance your skills and learn something new everyday.

  1. Job Search

You should install the Job Search app to access jobs from top companies. You can search from over three lakh jobs from different industries here. You can also get customized job matches based on your profile. On the Job Search app you can checkout all job alerts and recruiter mails. Also, the app allows the users to checkout all the recruiter actions and provie views from various recruiters. Also, you can access latest online courses via Job Search app.

The TutuApp is just the app store that you need for downloading all the job searching apps which are listed above here. The TutuApp allows the users to download all the apps and games for free.



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