Top 3 Language Learning Apps

If you are someone who is curious to learn a new language, then you can try the language learning apps which are available for your smartphone. With these apps, you can learn a new language in no time with proper dedication. All the language learning apps can be downloaded for free from TutuApp.

  1. Verbling- Learn Languages

verbling Using Verbling- Learn Languages, you can speak a new language by learning with professional teachers, live. You can choose from over 50 languages and thousands of great teachers. You can schedule and take lessons wherever you have an internet connection. Study your vocabulary on the go with the intelligent adaptive review system. Build the confidence and ability to fluently speak in real-life situation.

  1. Duolingo

duo lingoThe Duolingo app uses scientifically proven way to master a language. The Duolingo app teaches you a new language in fun, bite-size lessons. You can learn more than 30 plus languages for free. You can then practice the new language by practicing listening and speaking. You can say on track with your goal.

  1. Learn Languages with Memrise

memoriesYou can explore the world around you and learn new vocab using the Learn Languages with Memrise app. With the help of this app, you can speak like a local by comparing your pronunciation with native speakers. You can learn with 1000s of videos of real native. You can immerse yourself in interactive games and features on the Learn Languages with Memrise app.

You can download all the apps which are listed here with the help of TutuApp. The TutuApp is a popular app store that can be used by the users for downloading apps and games of their choice. All the collection of apps and games which are available on TutuApp can be downloaded for free by the users.

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