The Habit Tracking Apps That You Need

If you want to improve your life, it is important for you to create new good habits. And not only this, but one needs to also maintain these habits. And that’s when the habit tracking apps comes into play. You can download all the habit tracking apps mentioned here from the TutuApp.

  1. Productive – Habit Tracker

Productive – Habit TrackerProductive – Habit Tracker is a to do list and goals reminder. You can create a rewarding daily habit routine. You can build a life where you get things done. Productive – Habit Tracker app also allows you to plan your habits to suit your schedule. You can also create a timer on this app and enjoy relaxing sounds. You also have the option of tying your habit to a specific location. You can also stay motivated with active feedback.

  1. Habitify : Simple Habit Tracker

Habitify : Simple Habit TrackerHabitify : Simple Habit Tracker is a daily routine and task checklist. The Habitify : Simple Habit Tracker app is suitable for busy folks and those with long habit list. It is also suitable for those who love to track everything and for statistics and visual lovers. Habitify : Simple Habit Tracker is present for iOS, macOS and watchOS. You can also lock the app with Face ID, passcode and Touch ID. The Habitify : Simple Habit Tracker app also supports dark mode and you can check remaining habits before going to bed.

  1. Today Habit Tracker

Today Habit TrackerToday Habit Tracker helps you to optimize your day for success. You can build new habits and break the bad ones. You can also pick a motivating photo for each habit. Today Habit Tracker allows you to build a dashboard for each habit using cards. You can also pick the cards that suit your needs. Today Habit Tracker also allows the users to have a quick and actionable overview. You can track any type of habit. You can schedule notifications to stay on track. You can access important trends to keep you motivated. You can also earn badges as you conquer your goals.

You can download all the apps from the TutuApp. The TutuApp is a popular third-party app store which has thousands of apps and games.

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