Top 3 Apps For Helping You To Focus

Tacking work when you have plenty of stuffs to do can be very distracting. In such a scenario, it becomes very helpful if you have apps which will help you to focus. Here are the top 3 apps which will help you to focus. You can download all these apps from the TutuApp which is an alternative app store.

  1. Handle: GTD To-do List and Calendar Management

Handle: GTD To-do List and Calendar ManagementHandle allows you to capture to-dos in real time. You can talk to Siri, type, or wipe emails into to-dos. You can make your to-dos smart. You can add reminders, due dates, locations and more. You can make a play and drag and drop to schedule and prioritize to-dos. You can focus on today’s plan. You can see your to-dos and calendar in the same place.

  1. Swipes

SwipesThe Swipes app allows you to see your tasks on a timeline. You can sync tasks and notes from your Evernote on the Swipes app. You can focus on the work that matters on this app. You can complete the important things and you have the options of snoozing the rest for later. The apps also make it easier for the users to collect all the tasks in one place.

  1. Triage: Email First Aid

TriageTriage: Email First Aid is an app for busy people who struggle to stay on top of their email. You can flick up to archive, delete or mark as read. You can flick down to keep for later. You can forward or send a short reply with a tap. You can support for multiple accounts and most email services.

You can download all the above-listed apps from the TutuApp. The TutuApp can be used as an alternative to the official app store. You can download all the apps and games present on the TutuApp for free.

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