Top 3 Apps That Will Help You To Remember

When our daily schedule is filled with plenty of hustle and bustle, it becomes difficult to tracks the things that we need to remember. However, there are plenty of apps which are available out there which will help you to remember things. You can download all the apps which are listed here from the TutuApp.

  1. Planny 2 – Smart To Do List

PlannyThe Planny 2 – Smart To Do List app allows you to plan and complete your tasks. You can complete your daily tasks from this app. You also get personalized suggestion about errands that you might want to do on this app. The app also provides the users with a calendar based forecast. It provides you with statistics for your productivity. You can create lists and work together on this app.

  1. Things 3

The Things 3 app will help you to organize your life. It has an elegant new design and it is filled with many powerful new features. You can focus on the things that actually matter on the Things 3 app. You can see your calendar events and to-dos together ahead. You can plan ahead of time on this app and if your plans change, you can re-schedule everything easily with just a drag and a drop. You can quickly enter new to-dos, add notes, checklists and reminders. The app also allows you to organize your projects with heading. The app also supports dark modes.

  1. Agenda

Agenda is a data-focused note taking app. It allows you to take notes and date notes. The app supports both light and dark notes. You can take care of the present and the future on the app. You can text with style on the Agenda app. You can also attach things to your notes.

All the above-listed apps can be downloaded using the TutuApp. The TutuApp is a popular app store from where the users can download free apps and games. The TutuApp download everything at a lightning fast speed.

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