Download Camera FV-5 from TutuApp

Camera FV-5 TutuAppCamera FV-5 is a professional manual camera app. Use manual exposure and sensitivity controls for perfect results. Nail the focus with the plethora of focus modes, including fully manual focus. With the manual white balance options in Camera FV-5, get perfect color temperature even in the most challenging conditions. Explore advanced capture modes like timelapse or exposure bracketing on the Camera FV-5 app. The app comes with the most comprehensive settings, configuring almost everything to adapt the camera to your needs. The different settings which are available on Camera FV-5 include review last photo (reviews the last photo taken on a screen before continuing), focus before capturing (if focus is not acquired, focus the picture before taking a photo) and allow taking a photo without focus. The Camera FV-5 app further can be used for simultaneously capture in RAW and in JPEG formats, also in bracketing or burst modes.

You can download the Camera FV-5 app on your iOS device using the TutuApp. The TutuApp is a popular third-party app-store that allows the users to download apps and games of your choice. Anything that you are unable to download from the official app-store can be downloaded easily from the TutuApp. You can also download multiple apps and games simultaneously using the TutuApp without compromising with the downloading speed ever. Further, the TutuApp houses plenty of modified versions of apps and games. The next time when you want to download any app or game, use the TutuApp.

Download Camera FV-5 from TutuApp

  1. Download TutuApp from Safari browser and wait for the downloading process to be completed.
  2. Navigate to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management.
  3. Tap on “Trust TUTUApp”.
  4. Install and run TUTUApp on your device.
  5. In the search bar of the app, type  “Camera FV-5” and tap on the search button.
  6. Download Camera FV-5

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