Download Noted.- Record Every Moment from TutuApp

Noted.- Record Every Moment TutuAppNoted.- Record Every Moment is an app that supports easy playback and note-taking. It has been awarded the title of App of the Day, Great App for Apple Watch and Apps We Love by the Apple App Store. Using the Noted.- Record Every Moment app, the users can mark important moments with the #timetag. Using the dictation feature, transform your voice into text. The app supports dazzling universe themes like Milky Way Centre, Eagle Nebula’s Pillars of Creation, Earth, Galaxy IC 3639, Jupiter, Moon, TOI 700 D to personalize your creative journey. Save time with intelligent playback. Intelligent Playback uses machine learning to understand the context of your recording, skipping unwanted noise to the next sequence of speech to save your time. The Time Stroke feature brings your drawings back to the exact stroke in time. Sync and share your audio and notes via iCloud. The Lock notes feature secure your notes with a password or Face ID. The noise reduction and the EQ feature enhance your recording for best playback experience.

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Download Polarr from TutuApp

Polarr TutuAppOn the Polarr app, create any style you can imagine. Share the style that you have created with your friends and followers. Control any color with powerful tools using the Polarr app. Use the smart selection feature of Polarr for perfect edits. Push your creative limits with overlays and more. On the Polarr app, the users can customize everything to their preference. The great part of the Polarr app is that it allows the users to include the effects in selective objects. Further, it supports selective masks. You can also retouch the different parts of the body and it comes with global adjustment where the users can adjust the LUT, vignette, details, effects, HSL, light, color, toning, grain and curves. Also, the Polarr app supports 120 preset styles which the users can use for film emulations. In addition to that, it has 100 freestyle backups. Polarr can increase the productivity of the user by batch photo exports, face detection, AI object segmentation and backups and synchs.

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Download Done: A Simple Habit Tracker from TutuApp

Done TutuAppDone is an app that helps you to track your progress on anything. The app comes with customizable reminders. Send yourself a motivating message to remind yourself to keep going. Track any habit or goal using the Done app. Track an activity multiple times a day, week, month or year. Get motivated with streaks. Don’t let your streak go to zero on Done app. View trends over time and see where your strengths and challenges are. See all your stats at once on the Done app to get a big picture of the view. Create goals easily and customize goals in a way that work for you. On Done,  you can name your habit, decide whether you want to build or quit this habit. You can further choose the goal period and in which days you want to track the goal. Done supports a widget for quick updates. Log activity and see unmet goals at a glance. Keep notes for motivation. It’s easy with Done’s built-in journal. See progress at a glance.

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Download Listberry from TutuApp

Listberry TutuAppListberry is an agenda planner, you can create to-do lists. Cross them off everyday. On the Listberry app, you can bold and highlight tasks for visual organization. On the Listberry app, you can list “Goals and Notes” both weekly and monthly. Create events, alerts and repeats as needed. Reflect on inspiring quotes as you plan your life. On Listberry, drag your fingers across a task to cross it off. You can uncross it by swiping the other way. To highlight or bold a priority task, tap and hold the task. And simply tap on a task to edit it and set alerts. Listberry is a simple to-do list app which is uncluttered. This gives the advantage of having a clear mind while planning out the day. The impressive thing about the Listberry app is that it doesn’t ask you to sign-in. Hence, Listberry doesn’t collect any information or store any data. The Listberry app is an ad-free to-do list app that will help you in staying focused by reminding you of yout tasks in a clutter-free environment.

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Download You: Small Actions, Big Change from TutuApp

You: Small Actions, Big Change TutuAppImprove your health, wellbeing or productivity – one step at a time using the You: Small Actions, Big Change app. The You: Small Actions, Big Change app helps you to break down big goals into micro-actions. A micro-action is small, easy actionable – so you can start today. The You: Small Actions, Big Change app comes with a visual diary to document your journey and inspiration from a global community. The app is based on scientific research to make the life stress-free. With the You: Small Actions, Big Change app, you can create a life that you enjoy. With just a minute in the You: Small Actions, Big Change app, you can improve your life bite-sized. The You: Small Actions, Big Change app is an important app when it comes to self-love. The app also motivates the users with daily inspiration and also, it will help you to create new habits. Master mighty goals using the You: Small Actions, Big Change app.

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Download Headspace: Meditation & Sleep from TutuApp

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep TutuAppHeadspace: Meditation & Sleep has made meditation simple. The app is so popular that the Headspace: Meditation & Sleep guide to meditation is now streaming on Netflix too. The Headspace: Meditation & Sleep app has guided meditation to release stress. The guide has divided the meditation into different categories like weathering the storm, reframe stress and relax, anger, sadness and growth, beginning meditation, deepen your practice, focus at work and meditating with kids. Drift off with sleep stories and music on the Headspace: Meditation & Sleep app. The Sleepcasts meditation has ever-changing storytelling in range of shooting voices. The wind downs help you with meditation and breathing to prepare the mind for sleep. The nighttime SOS in Headspace: Meditation & Sleep has guided exercises for waking up in the right. Learn to meditate in just minutes a day. Go from fuzzy to focused on focus music. Start your day with inspiring stories using the Headspace: Meditation & Sleep app. The app also supports mood-boosting workouts to feel good. With the Headspace: Meditation & Sleep app, you can put your mind to bed. Sleep soundly with dreamy soundscapes with the help of Headspace: Meditation & Sleep.

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Download Smart Recorder Transcriber from TutuApp

Smart Recorder Transcriber TutuAppSmart Recorder Transcriber is your one touch record and playback. It is an easy to use app. Smart Recorder Transcriber also supports Siri transcription. All the transcriptions are time tagged. Further, it highlights the track playback time. You can use it to edit the errors. Smart Recorder Transcriber supports all the standard data transfer options. It has many playback controls. Wave window can be ponched to zoom or dragged to change playback position, playback at 2x speed for quick review. You can further use the Smart Recorder Transcriber app to cut/rearrangeremove segments of your recording. The geotagging feature of the Smart Recorder Transcriber app will help you to remember where you made your recording. The app also has Bluetooth support. Further, using the Smart Recorder Transcriber app, you can opt for human transcription. Order an accurate transcription from dictate2us. If you are a researcher who needs help with transcription, then the Smart Recorder Transcriber app is just the perfect app for you.

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Download Freeletics – Personal Trainer from TutuApp

Freeletics - Personal Trainer TutuAppFreeletics – Personal Trainer is a home workout, personal fitness training app. With the help of Freeletics – Personal Trainer, you can do 5-30 minutes of workouts anytime and anywhere. The app covers all the fitness levels where the equipment is optional. The training program present in Freeletics – Personal Trainer supports one trillion possibilities. The app also supports personalized training based on your feedback. Your feedback helps the coach design future training sessions. You can let the coach know whether you want your intensity to increase, reduce or stay constant. The app comes with flexible workouts that adapt to your needs. You can let your coach know all about your constant on the basis of which your workout will be designed. The Freeletics – Personal Trainer comes with 300 plus exercises which is more than any other app. The app also supports advanced video tutorial with three camera angles.  You can also go for the audio sessions present in Freeletics where you can learn by listening. By joining the community in Freeletics – Personal Trainer, you can meet real people and see their real results.

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Download Real Research Survey App from TutuApp

Real Research Survey App TutuAppReal Research Survey App provides the real innovative research solution. It is credible as it ensures unbiased market data via block chain. It optimizes polls and survey in one platform. Real Research Survey App is people-centric and it offers incentives for survey participation. The user needs to complete until level 23 to access more surveys. By answering surveys on Real Research Survey App, you can even get rewads. Complete a survey and get TNC coins. Further, you have the opportunity to earn more as you invite more people. Get crypto for every survey that you complete in Real Research Survey App. You have the freedom to answer surveys fitting to who you are. Access all features in one menu panel. In the Real Research Survey App app, you can design and control everything about your survey. You can entrust your information to a highly-secure blockchain. The Real Research Survey App app is efficient to meet all your research and marketing needs.

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Download Things 3 from TutuApp

Things 3 TutuAppWith Things 3 you can organize your life. Meet the all-new things. It has an elegant new design and it comes with powerful new features. Using the Things 3 app, focus on what matters today. See your calendar events and to-dos together. Plan ahead using the Things 3 app and if your plans change, re-scheduling is as easy as drag and drop. In the Things 3 app, quickly enter new to-dos. You can use it to add notes, checklists, reminders and more. Organize your projects with headings. Insert new to-dos with drag and drop. Using the Things 3 app, things come with a finely tuned dark mode that looks absolutely stunning. Things 3 is an award-winning app that allows the users to create their very own to-do list. The app allows the users to plan a day properly. With all the day planned, working and managing your working schedule becomes pretty easy. The Things 3 app is just the perfect app for you to organize your life.

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