Top 3 Apps To Turn Learning Into A Game

TutuAppLearning shouldn’t always be difficult. With the three apps listed below, you can turn learning into a game. You can download these apps easily from the TutuApp.

  1. Mimo: Learn to Code

Mimo: Learn to Code is an app that allows you to program games, code apps, hack websites and much more things in a fun way with this help. The lessons of the app make it easy for you to squeeze coding into your busy day. You can learn coding with bite-size exercises everyday. You can also keep track of your progress on this app. The app makes coding and programming very easy.

  1. Rosetta Stone: Learn Language

Rosetta Stone: Learn Language helps you to learn 24 languages. You can use this app to perfect your pronunciation and you will also learn to speak confidently with this app. You can use this app to learn naturally through immersion. You can gain skills across dozens of topics through this app. You can learn on the go anytime and anywhere when you want. You can use the Rosetta Stone: Learn Language app for learning languages like French and Spanish.

  1. Quizet Flashcards

Quizet Flashcards helps you to learn languages and vocabulary. You can study any subject on the go with this app. You can find many different flashcards here and you also have the freedom to create your own flashcards. You can keep checking your progress on this app. You can also get hints on where to focus. You can have fun learning with games.

All the apps and games can be downloaded using the TutuApp. The TutuApp is a popular third-party app store which can be used by the users to download any apps and games of your choice. No matter whether you want to download old apps and games or a new one, you can get it all from TutuApp.

Top 3 Apps To Nail Your Work


When it comes to work, the struggling becomes real. If you want to work real hard and you want the help of your smartphone, then here are top 3 apps to nail your work. 

1. Trello

Trello help you to organize anything with anyone, anywhere. You can go from idea to action in seconds with the help of Trello. You can effortlessly collaborate with your team using the Trello app. You can stay in the know even on the go with the help of the notifications. You can organize both your work and life with Trello. 

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Top 3 Photo Camera Apps

A good camera app will help you in clicking good pictures. If you want good photos, then you should have a good camera app. Here are the top three photo camera apps. You can easily download these photo camera apps from TutuApp which is a good app store. 

1. Prisma Photo Editor

The Prisma Photo Editor is a very good photo editing apps. The app allows you to download photos into very fine art. The Prisma Photo Editor app comes with more than 300 effects. The app introduces a new filter everyday. You can adjust your photos to perfection in this app. The Prisma Photo Editor app is the app that you should have if you are an art lover. 

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Top 3 Habit Tracking Apps


If you want apps that will help you to track your habits, then you should download habit tracking apps. Here is a list of top three habit tracking apps that you can use on your iOS device. The apps can be downloaded from TutuApp. 

1. Productive- Habit Tracker

Productive- Habit Tracker is an app that will help you to create a rewarding daily habit routine. You can build a life with Productive- Habit Tracker app where you can get things done. You can play your habits with this app to suit your schedule. You can create a time and enjoy relaxing sounds. You also have the freedom to tie your habit to a specific location. You can stay motivated to follow your habits with active feedback. 

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Top 3 Meditation Apps


Doing meditation will help you to improve your life and you might reach the next level in your file. Meditating is tough but not anymore, here are the top 3 meditation apps and you can download these apps from TutuApp. 

1. Headspace: Guided Meditation

Headspace: Guided Meditation is the top meditation app. This app teaches you how to meditate. This app can prove to be a guide for you to almost anything. From stress to sleep, Headspace: Guided Meditation has the solution for all. Adding a touch of Headspace: Guided Meditation to your life can help you to relax after a tiring day, you can also use this app to reach your truest potential. The app also features meditation for kids. Getting a good night sleep has never been this easy. Download the Headspace: Guided Meditation app today and help you to relax. 

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Top 3 Health Apps


If you want to keep your health in check, there are apps out there who can help you in doing so. The health apps allow the users to keep in check your health. Here is a list of the top three health apps. 

1. Seven- 7 Minute Workout

Seven- 7 Minute Workout is a quick bodyweight workout app. This app is downloaded by more than 30 million people. You only need to work seven minutes in a day using the Seven- 7 Minute Workout apps. Getting fitter has never been easy with the Seven- 7 Minute Workout app. The app works on scientific experiments and no matter whether you want to go older or get fitter, Seven- 7 Minute Workout app work definitely do the job for you. You can create your own schedule using the Seven- 7 Minute Workout app and you will be all good. You can compete with your friends who have joined the app for meeting your health goals.  

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Top 3 News App


If you are someone who loves to read news, then you should know about the top three apps which will allow you to read a comprehensive news. Here is the list of top 3 news app. 

1. The Times of India

The Times of India is an editor’s choice. The Times of India allows the users to read top stories from India and the world. You get daily briefs and updates on this app. The Times of India app comes with petrol and weather tracker. You can watch trending videos and live TV on this app. You can also read local news from your city on this app. You get to read the online newspaper everyday here. You can manage the home settings on this app and all you can lay your hands on the latest photo galleries. 

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Top 3 Audio Book Apps


Reading books is good. Every once in a while we all want to read good books but we may not find the time to do so. That’s when the audio books come handy. Here are three apps which will help you to listen to audio books. 

1. Audible

Audible is an app created by the Apple company. The Audible app is the best app which is available for the users to listen to audio books. Whether you are travelling, or doing some other tasks, you can just turn the Audible app for listening to audio books. Apart from reading classic, you can also use the Audible app for listening to books. The different categories which are available in the Audible app are crime and thriller, science fiction, fantasy, romance, horror, mindfulness and meditation, business, kids book, the bible, religion, spirituality and many more. 

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Top 3 New and Updated Games This Week


The three new and updated games this week are listed below. You can download these games and if you already have these games, don’t forget to update them. 

1. Angry Bird Dream Blast

This is a new puzzle game. You have to use the baby Angry Birds for solving the puzzle. Each week a new puzzle is added to Angry Bird Dream Blast game. For playing this game, you simply need to pop bubbles and combine boosters. Make sure that you are popping bubbles that are of similar colors. When you pop too many bubbles at once, you get to earn the red booster in the game. The game is easy to play and has hundreds of levels.

2. Golf Battle 

Golf Battle is a sports game developed by Miniclip. It is an innovative multiplayer game that can be played among six users. One can play this game real-time with other players from all across the world. In the classic mode, you can relax and then take the aim. In the rush mode of Golf Battle, you compete with the other users in a ferocious manner. Golf Battle has simple and intuitive controls. It is a fun game. Beat your opponents in Golf Battle to level up your rank in the leader board. You can also collect and upgrade custom balls and games. 

3. Bubble Shooter: Marine Boy

Bubble Shooter: Marine Boy is a puzzle game developed by Pubcon. Bubble Shooter: Marine Boy is a bubble shooter game that features a marine boy. In this game, you have to match three bubbles of the same colour.  You can play this game for free and even the offline mode of it is available. There are more than 500 levels in the Bubble Shooter: Marine Boy game. 

One can download all these recently updated games from the TutuApp. The TutuApp is a popular app store which allows the users to download tons of apps and games for free. 

Top 3 Free Android Games in 2019


There are many games for Android device. It is difficult to choose the best Android games because we have so many options available. But we have listed out the top 3 free Android games in 2019.

1. Ludo King

Ludo King is a classic board game that can be played with your friends and family. You can refresh your childhood memories using the Ludo King game. It is a cross-platform app that is loved by all. Ludo King also allows the users to chat in real-time and it supports auto move system and therefore, no cheating is possible. You can also challenge your friends on the game. It has a very user-friendly interface. One doesn’t need any kind of internet connection for playing the game. The Ludo King supports 6 multiplayers mode. You can also play this game online with the help of 9 competing rooms. 

2. PUBG Mobile

Without a doubt, PUBG Mobile is the most popular Android game which is available out there. The official PUBG game is now available on the Android device. The game features high-quality graphic and HD audio. Realistic weapons can be used while playing the PUBG game. You can travel in style in the game and also you have the option of teaming up with your friends. the PUBG game provides a fair gaming environment. 

3. Subway Surfer

Subway Surfer is an editor’s choice game. In the game of Subway Surfer, you have to dash as fast as you can. You will also have to dodge the oncoming trains. The Subway Surfer game supports numerous colourful trains. HD graphic is supported by the game. Other features of Subway Surfers are paint powered jetpack and lightning fast wipe acrobatics. Feel free to challenge your friends. 

You can download all these top three Android games of 2019 using the TutuApp. The TutuApp is an app store that allows the users to download apps and games of their device. It is the perfect app store to download apps and games for free.