Download 8Fit Workout & Meal Planner from TutuApp

8Fit Workout & Meal Planner TutuApp8Fit Workout & Meal Planner has made fitness and nutrition an easy job to do. 8Fit Workout & Meal Planner is your personalized fitness and nutrition app. The app covers fun and dynamic weekly classes. You will find the workout details and the duration of the class before at hand to help you decide better. The app covers recipes that are adapted to your needs like vegetarian, under 10 minutes and gluten-free categories. 8Fit Workout & Meal Planner app supports content created by trusted coaches and nutritionist. The app also supports a wide number of varied workouts like HIIT, pilates and boxing. The 8Fit Workout & Meal Planner app also supports plenty of sleep meditation too. The app also supports a wide number of personalized workouts. You can always go for customized meal plans too. The easy to follow recipes will ensure that you can cook food easily on the 8Fit Workout & Meal Planner app. The step by step guide will make it so much easier for you to plan your workout.

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Download One Booster from TutuApp

One Booster TutuAppWith the One Booster app, you can clean junk completely and free up more spaces. The app also boosts your phone and make your phone fast than ever. One Booster comes with an antivirus feature that helps to keep the phone secure from all kind of privacy threat. The CPU cooler that comes with One Booster drop the temperature of your phone by optimizing the apps running in it. The battery saver mode ensures that the battery is durable and lasts for longer by again optimizing the app. The One Booster app further comes with smart cache cleaner that saves space on the smartphone. Also, with the One Booster app, you don’t need to worry about any virus attacking the phone. If your Android device is running slow and you are looking for an app to boost the performance of your smartphone, then One Booster is just the perfect app for you.

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Download Libby, by OverDrive from TutuApp

Libby TutuAppMany local libraries houses millions of audiobooks and ebooks and one can now with the Libby app, borrow these books and start reading them instantly. All you need for using the Libby app is a library card. It is an award-winning app which is loved by the book lovers. Whether you want to read a classic book or an NYT best-seller, the Libby app houses everything. One can use the library card for reading audiobooks, ebooks and magazines. There is an option available for offline reading. However, if you are running out of space, you can also stream these books to save space. For the U.S libraries, Libby offers the features of sending the ebook to the Kindle device too. Libby allows the users to create tags to sort the books on basis of different categories. Libby also supports an intuitive ebook reader too. The reader can adjust the background color, book design and even the text size. The words and phrases that one doesn’t understand can also readily search in the app itself. In addition to that, you can highlight and bookmark the things that you love.

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Download Lucid from TutuApp

Lucid TutuAppLucid is an app that gives visual insights to books. Learn visually with the Lucid app. It has interactive, animated guides to the world’s greatest books. Learn faster with the Lucid app and tap through visual insights in two minutes. Review and remember and quiz yourself and retain what you have learned. The app also allows the users to save key concepts. Build your very own custom library on the Lucid app. Discover new ideas on the Lucid app and learn more about the book in less time. If you are a book lover who is not able to find time for reading a big informative book, the Lucid app gives you the chance to read it in a few minutes. The Lucid is your visual guide to learning books. The app contains highly popular books and you can read them all in the Lucid app. The next time when you want to read something but you don’t have time, just go ahead with the Lucid app.

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Download Habit Tracker from TutuApp

Habit Tracker TutuAppUsing the Habit Tracker app, one can mark successful days by smashing through the goals. Organize your life and keep track of your daily stats. By changing your habits using the Habit Tracker app, you can organize your life easily. Create a success chain on the Habit Tracker app and add reminders or notes and feel happy about yourself. The app further comes with motivational images and discussion forums to motivate the users. Never lose your stats while using the Habit Tracker app because everything is available in the cloud. The Habit Tracker app shows in-depth analysis of your habit by showing streak, maximum streak and success. The app comes with flexible habit creation because it is your life and it should be governed by your rules. Get inspired with beautiful widgets and themes too. If you are trying to develop a habit and are struggling with it, then the Habit Tracker app is the best app for you to stay inspired.

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Download Sorted – Calendar Notes Tasks from TutuApp

Sorted - Calendar Notes Tasks TutuAppTHE Sorted – Calendar Notes Tasks app is all about more focus and less stress. It is one place to hyper-schedule your entire day. Choose between 8 different widgets to boos your daily workflow with the Sorted – Calendar Notes Tasks app. Everything is one unified timeline. Integrate your events and tasks to create a unified view of your daily schedule. Take additional notes on each item and complement it with attachments. The Sorted – Calendar Notes Tasks app ensures that you enjoy effortless scheduling. The auto-schedule mode allows you to schedule your day with a few taps. Select multiple items with a single swipe, thanks to the magic select feature. The app comes with built-in flexibility. The time ruler feature can be used for shifting the time of multiple tasks together at once. Split larger tasks into small, attainable ones. Effective organize everything using the Sorted – Calendar Notes Tasks app. Put each item where it belongs for added clarity.

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Download Adobe XD from TutuApp

Adobe XD TutuAppWith Adobe XD, you will have prototypes from the world’s leading design tool, in your pocket. Interact with prototypes made in Adobe XD on any iOS device. Design your prototypes in Adobe XD and experience them on your iPhone or iPad. Access prototypes from anywhere with the Adobe XD app. Make changes and see them instantly via USB. Browse or search all your artboards with ease. Save prototypes locally for offline access. Customize your preview experience with the Adobe XD app and you are good to go. With the Adobe XD app, you can eliminate all your guesswork by actually previewing your work. The app is available in both free and premium version. If you are a product designer, you should have the Adobe XD app. Please note that for using the Adobe XD app, you need to have a free Adobe ID and the basic level of Creative Cloud membership. Also, having an internet connection is mandatory while using the Adobe XD app.

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Download Adobe Spark Post from TutuApp

Adobe Spark Post TutuAppCreate stunning graphics with the Adobe Spark Post app. You do not need any experience when you are using the Adobe Spark Post app. The app can be used to instantly resize your design to fit any social platform. You can bring your designs to life by animating it. Design filters and explore new graphic styles in a single tap. Create memorable designs with your own fonts, colors and logo and say yes to on-brand content. The Adobe Spark Post app supports more than 3000 plus templates. You can start with a professional design or go-ahead to use your own photos on the Adobe Spark Post app. The Adobe Spark Post app further supports free photos and icons. Access millions of high quality design ingredients here easily. Using the Adobe Spark Post app, easily create unique designs for all of your tasks and goals. Get started with expertly designed templates and customize to make them your own.

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Download Quik – GoPro Video Editor from TutuApp

Quik - GoPro Video Editor TutuAppQuik – GoPro Video Editor is an app which the users can use for editing photos, videos to music. On the Quik – GoPro Video Editor app, add photos, videos, music and text. The app auto-aync music, or trim shots manually. Select fonts, filters, set duration and format. Watch video memories made for you. Save and share anywhere with your friends. The Quik – GoPro Video Editor app allows the users to add up to 200 photos and videos from your photo library. This holds true even for your live photos too. The app supports 26 themes and these themes comes with transitions and graphics. The video that you are editing can be used to adjust filters, font, graphics and filter intensity on the basis of your style. Also, the app. supports more than 100 free songs. Further, one can select song directly from the iTunes library too. Keep rediscovering your memories through the flashback feature of the Quik – GoPro Video Editor app.

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Download GoodNotes 5 from TutuApp

GoodNotes 5 TutuAppGoodNotes 5 is a note-taking and PDF markup app. You will find all your notes in your pocket. Search and find everything in one place in the GoodNotes 5 app. Study more effectively with the flashcards present in this app. The app comes with fast and powerful document management tools. Present everything from the app in a distraction-free manner. Convert your device into a digital whiteboard. Quickly export and share notes from here. Another added feature of GoodNotes 5 includes seamless sync. Continue your on other devices without any break using the GoodNotes 5 app. The GoodNotes 5 app further supports dark mode. The cool new look is a lot easier on your eyes. Not only this, but one can also use the GoodNotes 5 for taking multi-media notes. Now capture and visualize ideas on the go using the GoodNotes 5 app. The GoodNotes 5 app is a note-taking app that you will love for sure.

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