Download Resso from TutuApp

Resso TutuAppUsing the Resso app, you can listen to over 50 million songs. Find and play music your love! The Resso app supports unlimited song downloads. With your song, you can enjoy lynched lyrics. All the audio present is that of high quality. The app is easy to use. Also, you can enjoy different radio on the basis of your mood. Discover new music, always on the Resso app. Follow your favourite artist. You can also enjoy all their songs. You can create your very own playlist. Find music on the Resso app on your mood. Even you can check the lyrics of your song on the very lock screen. Also, the most popular singles of that day are updated daily. In addition to that, you can also enjoy personalized recommendation on the Resso app. Using the Resso app, you can enjoy music in the following languages: English, Hindi, Telugu,Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi, Kannada, Marathi and Malayalam.

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Download Box – Cloud Content Management from TutuApp

Box – Cloud Content Management provides the users with secure remote work and storage. You can access preview your files and folders from anywhere. Collaborate seamlessly leveraging comments, sharing and editing. On the Box – Cloud Content Management app, one can tackle the workload on the go with the ability to view, complete and reject tasks. On the Box – Cloud Content Management app, you will find all of your box content at your fingertips. View notifications and complete tasks on the Box – Cloud Content Management app. Did you know that the Box – Cloud Content Management app has been featured in the Apple Best New Apps. CNET has said that Box – Cloud Content Management is an excellent choice for viewing, editing and sharing the files securely in the cloud. Using the Box – Cloud Content Management app, all the files can be access online. The iPhone and iOS users will get 10 GB of free cloud storage for strong all their documents.

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Download Voot Kids from TutuApp

Voot Kids TutuAppVoot Kids is a fun learning app that helps the kids to watch, read, listen and learn. The Voot Kids app gives the kids a new world of fun and learning. One can watch 13,000 plus popular toon videos. You can use the Voot Kids app to read 500 plus e-books from the top authors. The Voot Kids app further can be used for listening to 150 plus stories narrated by artists. The kids further can use the Voot Kids app to learn from 5,000 fun quizzes. The in-built dictionary and narration is further featured in the e-books. This helps the kids to learn meanings from the story itself without moving out of the app. Track learning progress with the parent zone. The Voot Kids app can be used for tracking watch, read, listen and learn statistics on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The Voot Kids app doesn’t feature any advertisement for an experience safe for kids.

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Download Theoriq from TutuApp

TheoriqAdd your life experiences and actual facts and build with the community the world’s most comprehensive library of life principles that you illustrate. Log anything worthwhile remembering on the Theoriq app. You can post a theory from someone or a personal learning. This also includes book excerpts, theories and quotes. The Theoriq app will help you to become smarter by the minute. Get new perspectives on life and the world around you. Learn from short-form writings from the greatest minds. Reflect on your personal learning. On the Theoriq app, one can build their very own library of knowledge. Further, one can participate into a collaborative endeavor on the Theoriq app. If you are someone who is inclined towards philosophy or leaning anything new, then you will definitely love the Theoriq app. The Theoriq app also allows the users to browse the content present there on the basis of category, books and authors.

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Download Castro Podcast Player from TutuApp

TutuAppCastro Podcast Player allows you to play, track and manage podcasts. Castro Podcast Player is one of the top podcast players for podcast lovers. The queue of the Castro Podcast Player is one simple place to plan your listening. The top picks section of the app contains smart listening recommendations. Castro Podcast Player is a podcast player tuned for podcasts. Discover curated collections help you find new podcasts. Add audio from anywhere on the web to your queue. The lock screen notification of Castro Podcast Player helps you to experience an enhanced podcast notification. The different options available on the lock screen includes play now, queue next, queue later and clear. Castro Podcast Player is supported by Apple Watch and car play. The app supports untethered listening and convenience in-car controls. Castro Podcast Player Castor Plus includes trim silence, per podcasts settings, enhance voices, sideloading and more.

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Download Focus To-Do from TutuApp

Focus To-DoFocus To-Do is both a Pomodoro timer and a to do list. Focus To-Do is designed to help you focus on work and study. The Focus To-Do app comes with a detailed report and it supports statistics on project time, focus time and tasks. Manage your work, study and life on Focus To-Do and further, support project planning and task scheduling. Synchronize within all device. The Focus To-Do app further supports data cloud backup and multi-platform synchronization. The Focus To-Do app comes with daily report, weekly report, monthly report and it further collects historical data based on time. On the timeline of Focus To-Do, one can check historical Pomodoro records and completed tasks. It also further supports app whitelist and it keeps away from other apps when focusing. The Focus To-Do app also supports pleasant white noise and the natures sound available on Focus To-Do helps the users to stay focused. In addition, to give a fun touch, it supports group up with little saplings. You can stay focused and get sunlight and grow up together. The app supports mutual supervision and growth together on Focus To-Do app. Compete with people around the globe on Focus To-Do.

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Download Zoho One From TutuApp

TutuAppZoho One is your ultimate business suite that provides the users with all-in-one solution for all your business needs. Get the big picture of the day on Zoho One. Launch all your apps within the all in one suite with just a single tap. Search data across Zoho One on the go without any hassle. View user status and manage user roles and applications. Perform all major actions in just a tap. One can also manage admin functions on the go on Zoho One app. Making security your first priority, set stringent policies with ease. The app comes with a single console and has a centralized administrative administrative control. With Zoho One, you can easily do recruitment, launch your website and market your products. On the Zoho One app, one can also create customized e-mail address and also, as an admin, you will receive real-time notification.

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Download Captions for Instagram From TutuApp

TutuAppCaptions for Instagram is an app that allows the users to collect huge collection of original captions and trending hashtags. Boost your Instagram profile and gain more followers. The app supports 35 plus caption categories. Find captions for a range of topics like attitude, art, abstract, birthday, beauty and books. The Captions for Instagram support easily search captions. Search, copy and use the sassiest captions. Captions for Instagram support trending hashtags and supports get more likes and followers by using suitable hashtags. The Captions for the Instagram app supports AI powered suggestions. The AI powered caption generator for your photos. Everything is available under one click. One-click copy and use, save captions to use later. Get it before your friends and be an Instagram powerhouse. If you are someone who is very active on Instagram, then you can use this wonderful app.

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Download Writeaday From TutuApp

TutuApp On Writeaday, you will fin streaks as a gradient. A smoother gradient with more writing. The app also comes with a mood tracking app. Look back on any day to see how you felt that day. The app comes with a 5 minute journal. Set an intention in the morning and reflect on that in the evening. Writeaday also supports a beautiful widget that is clean and modern to look at in your home screen. The side menu of Writeaday surfaces treasured memories and in addition to that, it further grounds you with daily quotes. If you are trying to become better in journalling, then Writeaday is just the perfect app for you. One can use the Writeaday app for writing through out the day. The app can be used for free and in addition to that, it doesn’t;t show any ad too. reate a good habit using the Writeaday app.

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TUTUApp CamScanner

TutuAppCamScanner is an app that allows the users to make PDF documents from the images. You can add watermark, annotation or comment. Your name will look as if signed with a pen on paper. The app allows you to enable dark mode. You can easily switch between dark and light mode. You can fax your files anywhere in the world. You can print through Airprint. You can both sides of an ID onto a single page in 30 seconds. You can allow you to keep the ID’s original size. You can recognize and extract words from the image. CamScanner allows you to convert to text, word or excel. CamScanner supports smart auto crop and it produces the same result as a physical scanner would do. The app supports precise cropping and auto light adjustments. The app also supports document management across your phone, tablet and desktop. You can back up your files and never lost again. You can share the files with your friends on Facebook, WeChat and WhatsApp. You can directly upload the documents to OneDrive, Dropbox or other third-party clouds.

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