Download Tomato Timer from TutuApp

Tomato Timer TutuAppTomato Timer is a simple and easy app that comes with straightforward control which will keep focused on your goals. You can use the Tomato Timer app to manage your task. Manage your task, create a checklist or notes. The app comes with color code and assigns it to a different tab. Track your progress on the Tomato Timer app that includes a static and counter of your Pomodoros. Customize everything from timer length, ringtones, rounds and goals. Pause and play anytime from your notification. Tomato Timer also supports an integrated timer which allows you to minimize your timer and use it in pocket mode. You can now use your timer and task manager all at once. Keep your workflow and start your next phase directly from your notification. You can also track your current Pomodoro with rounds. Set your goals and achieve it. Track your daily productivity with today feature. See how many you achieve with a lifetime. If you are having a hard time struggling in concentrating, you can use it to improve your concentration.

You can download the Tomato Timer app on your iOS device using the TutuApp. The TutuApp is a popular third-party app-store that allows users to download apps and games of your choice. All the apps and games which are available on TutuApp are categorized neatly to make it easier for the users to navigate through the app. The next time when you want to download an app, use the TutuApp.

Download Tomato Timer from TutuApp

  1. Download TutuApp from the Safari browser and wait for the downloading process to be completed.
  2. Navigate to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management.
  3. Tap on “Trust TUTUApp”.
  4. Install and run TUTUApp on your device.
  5. In the search bar of the app, type “Tomato Timer” and tap on the search button.
  6. Download Tomato Timer

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