Download Quik – GoPro Video Editor from TutuApp

Quik - GoPro Video Editor TutuAppQuik – GoPro Video Editor is an app which the users can use for editing photos, videos to music. On the Quik – GoPro Video Editor app, add photos, videos, music and text. The app auto-aync music, or trim shots manually. Select fonts, filters, set duration and format. Watch video memories made for you. Save and share anywhere with your friends. The Quik – GoPro Video Editor app allows the users to add up to 200 photos and videos from your photo library. This holds true even for your live photos too. The app supports 26 themes and these themes comes with transitions and graphics. The video that you are editing can be used to adjust filters, font, graphics and filter intensity on the basis of your style. Also, the app. supports more than 100 free songs. Further, one can select song directly from the iTunes library too. Keep rediscovering your memories through the flashback feature of the Quik – GoPro Video Editor app.

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Download GoodNotes 5 from TutuApp

GoodNotes 5 TutuAppGoodNotes 5 is a note-taking and PDF markup app. You will find all your notes in your pocket. Search and find everything in one place in the GoodNotes 5 app. Study more effectively with the flashcards present in this app. The app comes with fast and powerful document management tools. Present everything from the app in a distraction-free manner. Convert your device into a digital whiteboard. Quickly export and share notes from here. Another added feature of GoodNotes 5 includes seamless sync. Continue your on other devices without any break using the GoodNotes 5 app. The GoodNotes 5 app further supports dark mode. The cool new look is a lot easier on your eyes. Not only this, but one can also use the GoodNotes 5 for taking multi-media notes. Now capture and visualize ideas on the go using the GoodNotes 5 app. The GoodNotes 5 app is a note-taking app that you will love for sure.

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Download Factiva from TutuApp

Factiva TutuAppRead your alerts and newsletters, browse the newsstand, and search for company news and information. Factiva unlocks thousands of premium sources from around the world. Search millions of companies for information on stock price, financials, key executives and more. Save important articles from alerts, newsletters, newsstand and company profiles to read anytime. With the Factiva app, one can read thousands of premium content. The Factiva app is a hub of data, news and insight. Its powerful search engine brings the users content from all around the globe. Read about the companies that you care about in the Factiva app. The Factiva app is personalized for you. It will fetch news which is created to drive your business decision. Further, use the app to scroll through company newsletters, custom alerts and relevant news too. Grab data from public and private companies that too directly from the app. The information can include financials, stock price activity, key executives and general information.

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Download 10times from TutuApp

10times TutuApp10times helps you to connect opportunities. It is the world’s largest event discovery platform. The app allows you to check 70,000 plus live events at your fingertip. Using the 10times app, you can check business events, tradeshows, conferences, exhibitions and more. Use the 10times app, to know every detail of event like agenda, visitors, plans and reviews to make your pick easy. Grow your network and don’t miss the chance to connect and chat with fellow event attendees. Missed the chance of meeting? Find more opportunity to meet your connections. The 10Times Gold – premium member’s club helps you to upgrade your event experience with 10times Gold. Get an amazing event experience and personalize your profile and get multiple opportunities with 10Times. Further, manage calendar and track all your events at one place. If you are an event lover and want to attend events, then the 10times app will be your best guide. The app cover events in more than 29 plus categories.

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Download Cell to Singularity from TutuApp

Cell to Singularity TutuAppCell to Singularity is a wonderful simulation game that believes that evolution never ends. In this game, you need to tap to earn entropy, the evolutionary currency. Create life from nothing in this game. Upgrade the largest tech tree ever created. View the fruits of evolution in beautiful 3D habitats. You can watch 180 million years of dinosaur evolution. Upgrade your simulation and your knowledge in the Cell to Singularity game. Further, use the game to uncover twists and turns that lead to civilization. The Cell to Singularity app will force you to wonder willhumanity survive the next phase of evolution? Cell to Singularity is the most accurate human evolution game on Earth. Apart from fun, this addictive game is very inormative too. The simple intutive control makes it easier for the users to control the game. One can unlock the future of evolution in Cell to Singularity. As you play, you can keep learning about scientific facts about evolution of life.

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Download eBooks by Inkling from TutuApp

eBooks by Inkling TutuAppIn the eBooks by Inkling app, you will find interactive eBooks for the curious mind. In this app, one can try any book for free. Download Inkling now and you will be reading free chapters in no time. Discover a whole new way of learning using the eBooks by Inkling app. Reading is delightful with hi-resolution images, audio, videos, photos and quizzes. Further, one can read the Inkling book anywhere, on any device. Easily access your eBooks by Inkling library on your mobile, tablet or PC. Bookmark and note sync everything seamlessly. Search and navigate it with easy because the app is filled with cross-links, smart navigation and powerful search. Finding any topic or definition is a breeze. If you are a book lover, then you will definitely love the eBooks by Inkling app. The eBooks by Inkling app is here to change the standard textbooks into interactive one.

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Download Apna – Job Search from TutuApp

Apna - Job Search TutuAppApna – Job Search is an online app that presents the users with unlimited job opportunities. The app covers all the details in one place and allows the users to call the company directly. Create your digital visiting card, in just two minutes. Find the top professionals of your field in the groups. Learn and solve your doubts and queries using the Apna – Job Search app. The app also offers the users with the Learn English Group. Learning in the Apna – Job Search is fun and easy way to learn English with the community. The business owners can use the Apna – Job Search app to share job openings in the company. Build your professional network on the Apna – Job Search and find out about relevant job openings in companies where your connections are working. Apna – Job Search is now live in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Ranchi. If you are finding for a job, then the Apna – Job Search aoo is a suitable platform to search for it.

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Download Reface from TutuApp

Reface TutuAppWith the Reface app, you can face swap videos and memes with your photo. Using the Reface app, one can create face swap videos. It is the best swap quality in the official app store. Just click one selfie and see the magic. Have fun and amaze your friends using the Reface app. The Reface has remained the top-5 app in 100 countries. Reface is the most advanced face-swapping app present in the market. The app uses futuristic AI and this has been featured in many news. You can become a celebrity look in the Reface app and have all the fun. The face is overlapped in the Reface app in the most realistic way. The app gives you the perfect way to ruin reality and paste your face onto your favorite character. The Reface app provides the users with the option of changing gender, morphing face and changing advanced face.

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Download KrugerExplorer from TutuApp

KrugerExplorer TutuAppDiscover the Kruger with the stunning KrugerExplorer app. It is your ultimate wildlife, maps and routes encyclopedia to Kruger National Park. Discover Kruger’s incredible wildlife from over 700 details species profiles. The app includes every mammal and bird species ever recorded in greater Kruger. With the KrugerExplorer app, discover the little things in the reptile and invertebrate profile collections. Navigate Kruger’s 3,500 km of roads with the most accurate park maps available. Explore over 70 guided routes through the Kruger wilderness. KrugerExplorer is your stunning field guide and encyclopedia to Kruger National Park. The app even works 100% offline once downloaded. Have all the facts at your fingertips and learn about your favorite Kruger species using the KrugerExplorer app. If you are visiting the Kruger National Park, then the KrugerExplorer app is a must-have app. You can use the KrugerExplorer app to know more about all the species in this big national park.

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Download KMPlayer from TutuApp

KMPlayer TutuAppKMPlayer plays every format of video and audio in the world. The app plays videos in no advertisement. It is the perfect player app. You can use the device to play all video and music, whatever, whenever and wherever. Further, the KMPlayer app supports zoom, search and equalizer with no ads at all. Further, you can add a bookmark on media that you want to play later on. The app supports Chromecast, it can be used for casting videos, movies, music videos and more to your television! Also, you can save your favorite videos and music on the MyList section. The app also supports different subtitle setting. The KMPlayer supports custom subtitles where one can change the size, color and location of the subtitles. The app supports a convenient connection. Press the star marked and connect from the home tab. If you want to look for a good player, then use the KMPlayer app and you are good to go.

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