Download Portal: Escape Into Nature from TutuApp

Portal: Escape Into Nature TutuAppIf you are bored of being stuck in the house due to the Covid, then the Portal: Escape Into Nature app is just the perfect app for you to focus, sleep and relax. Just as the name suggests, Portal: Escape Into Nature is your portal to the world. The app can fuel your wanderlust and the fact that it has earned the best visual design app simply proves that. The Portal: Escape Into Nature app instantly transport yourself to some of the most tranquil parts of the planet. With ultra-high-definition visuals, the app will make you feel like you are there. With the immersive 3D sound, you could hear a pine drop. The Philips Hue Integration make the experience a lot better. Portal: Escape Into Nature is like a breath of fresh air and it has won Webby Award Winning Design. The app is made available to the users from an independent team of creators. With Portal: Escape Into Nature, it’s simply just you and nature and the app supports zero user tracking.

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Download Endel from TutuApp

Endel TutuAppEndel is an app that helps users to focus, sleep and relax with the help of personalized sounds and noises. The personalized sounds of Endel is present in the app to help you relax. The app supports a focus playlist which is even backed by neuroscience. The users can use the Endel app to enjoy future music experiences. Endel collaborates with visionary artists on a series of soundscapes built around your favourite activities. With the focus mode of Endel, the user can even improve their concentration. The relax mode of Endel can be used for relaxing and letting go. With the sleep mode of Endel, the users can fall asleep as fast as three minutes. Endel is extremely effective because it has scientifically engineered adaptive soundscapes that supports real-time personalization. If you are looking for an that helps you to focus, relax and even sleep, then Endel is the perfect app for you.

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Download Quip from TutuApp

Quip TutuAppQuip ensures secure productivity for the enterprise. Quip is Salesforce’s productivity platform that transforms the way enterprises work together. The app supports documents that fuel a culture of action. It is more than words on a page, add spreadsheets, slides, chat and Live Apps to create a canvas for real-time teamwork. In Quip, the user can engage in chat that keeps your team connected. Break down information silos with chat that’s built into every document, spreadsheet and slide. The app makes it easier for the users to have spreadsheets that turn numbers into decisions. With live salesforce data, real-time chat and all the data-crunching power you expect. Quip supports living documents in which you can watch your team’s work come alive. With the Quip app, it is also possible to share documents and to-do lists. Chat on the app as you work together on a project. The documents and the spreadsheets present in the app is designed for your phone. If you are looking for a good document manager, then the Quip app is a good option for you.

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Download Cymera from TutuApp

Cymera TutuAppCymera is a photo editor collage that comes with a selfie camera filter. The app is available for Android users. The Cymera supports real-time selfie filters and eliminates the need of editing the selfie later. The app supports crop tools to make your selfie-ready for different social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Without even using DSLR, it is possible to get the DSLR Blur Effect in Cymera. In addition to the filter, it also supports beauty makeup tool, poster tool and collage maker. It is possible to blur the background in Cymera. The face can also be edited to make it smaller, V-shaped and for adding a smile along with skin glow tool. The brightness, contrast, saturation and the color temperature can also be edited. Cymera also allows the users to directly import the images from the Google Photos. The app supports seven different types of lenses and more than 150 filters. Th silent mode can be turned on Cymera to ensure you click your selfie without disturbing others.

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Download Mevo Multicam from TutuApp

Mevo Multicam TutuAppMevo Multicam is a wireless multi-camera switcher in the palm of your hand. With the Mevo Multicam, it becomes possible to add many Mevo cameras and live switch between them wirelessly. Stream to your favorite platforms and record the video in full HD. Save your live show directly to your phone and further, the user has the option of recording independent camera feeds via additional cards. The app comes with individual camera controls which makes it possible to adjust each camera’s exposure and colour settings for a high-quality live stream. Mevo Multicam supports advanced auto-director which when switch on enables the built-in AI to live switch the show for you. In the Mevo Multicam app, the user can also adjust audio settings and mix audio from each camera’s built-in mic, USB audio or 3.5 mm input. Thanks to Mevo Multicam, seamless live streaming is now possible. Please note that the Mevo Multicam app only works with the Mevo cameras.

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Download iLovePDF from TutuApp

iLovePDF TutuAppiLovePDF is a all-in-one package of PDF. Using the iLovePDF app, the user can do almost all kind of PDF work. The iLovePDF app allows the users to send large documents by compressing the PDF for the user which makes it extremely easy for the user to share the document. The iLovePDF app ensures that the visual quality of the PDF is not compromised. Plenty of PDF requires feedback to make it better for the users. With the iLovePDF, it becomes easy for the users to add feedback by editing to annotate the PDF. It also becomes possible to sign the PDF document digitally. With the digital signature, there is no longer the need to print the PDF document simply for the signing purpose. Further, iLovePDF app makes it easy for the users to store the paperwork. Organising all the documents using the iLovePDF is a lot easy. The iLovePDF app also makes it possible for the user to recover lost files. The iLovePDF app can also be used for scanning the documents to bring them together as a PDF document.

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Download Glimpse – Video Storytelling from TutuApp

Glimpse - Video Storytelling TutuAppWith Glimpse – Video Storytelling, the user can record a moment at the touch of a button. Glimpse – Video Storytelling automatically trims the moment to the time span selected by the user. The app also allows the user to drag moments out of the timeline to remove them or to another position to record them. In the app, the user can create multiple montages and further, add moments to any montage at any time. The app further makes it easier for the user to schedule and set daily weekly and monthly reminders. The videos recorded in Glimpse can also be posted to other social networks and the player also has the freedom to save the video on the smartphone itself. If you want to record a video diary instead of audio or writing an actual diary, then the Glimpse – Video Storytelling app is just the perfect app for you. It is possible to create multiple stories using the Glimpse – Video Storytelling app.

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Download 8fit Workout and Meal Planner from TutuApp

8fit Workout and Meal Planner  TutuApp8fit Workout and Meal Planner has made fitness and nutrition easy. It can be your personalized fitness and nutrition app. 8fit Workout and Meal Planner supports fun and dynamic weekly classes and comes with recipes adapted to your needs. All the content present in 8fit Workout and Meal Planner is created by trusted coaches and nutritionalists. The app supports varied workouts like HIIT, Pilates and boxing. In addition to that, one can also enjoy sleep meditation in the 8fit Workout and Meal Planner app. The personalized workout of 8fit Workout and Meal Planner helps you to do the workout at your own pace. Also, on the basis of the ingredients that you have, you can go for customized meal plans too. All the recipes present in 8fit Workout and Meal Planner are easy to follow and provide information on the time required to make it, calories per saving, along with nutrition information on proteins, fat and net carbs. The workouts of 8fit Workout and Meal Planner comes with a step-by-step guide to ensure that you can follow them easily.

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Download Drafts from TutuApp

Drafts TutuAppDrafts is an app that allows the users to capture ideas, notes, tasksquickly. When the app is launched, you are ready to type. Drafts is your starting point for the text. Launch and type, dictate or use the Share extension from any app. Wherever it ends up, everything starts in Drafts. The app comes with customizable editing which allows the users to get your text just right. The Drafts app comes with a highly customizable editor with themes and fine-grained control of fonts, margins, line height and other options. The action bar of Drafts is placed over the keyboard provides quick access to powerful text manipulation options. The app supports powerful actions to save time to unleash your productivity. The app also allows the users to tag to keep everything in its place. Drafts app comes with customizable widgets and it gives you full power on your home screen. From the home screen of the app, you can trigger actions, open drafts, preview workspaces and more. The app further supports extended dictation with the language selection. Additional features of Drafts include Siri and Shortcuts Integration, Share and Widgets, Location and Version History, Syntax Highlighting, Custom App Icons, Handoff and Spotlight and Messages App.

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Download Halide Mark II from TutuApp

Halide Mark II TutuAppHalide Mark II is one of the most powerful camera for iPhone. It is the easiest to use pro camera which is optimized for all the latest iPhoes, with every control in reach. It comes with 14-bit extended dynamic range color zebras, color waveforms and more. With Halide Mark II, you can finally get started with the shooting in powerful RAW with Halide’s Instant RAW feature, or get the best of both worlds with coverage. A machine learning based mode or ultimate control in manual: the choice is yours. With the Halide Mark II app, you can snap with Siri, Apple Watch or a time for easy, hands-free exposures. Shoot in RAW on all iPhones and get the best quality shots with Halide’s Smart RAW technology. Halide Mark II also supports portrait mode with zero waiting for pets, people and more – with powerful depth tools for total flexibility. Halide Mark II is truly a private camera with zero trackings. It doesn’t collect any image or information. Halide Mark II uses all the latest technology in iOS 14 and is constantly updated with new features. Additional features of Halide Mark II includes easy tutorial, AR depth view, focus loupe and metadata view.

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