TUTUApp Jetcost

TutuAppIn the Jetcost app, you can find and compare the price of hundreds of fights. You can find easily the best offers and save money while using the app. Jetcost is completely free with no additional fees on your ticket. You can save deals on your bookmarks and track price changes before you actually book anything. Jetcost allows you to enjoy your custom search experience. One can find and compare hundreds of fights which in turn will help you to save money. You also have the option of booking the flights directly from the app. The price notification alert feature will allow you to book the flights when there is a drop at the price. The custom search experience will help you to easily navigate through the app. Jetcost comes with a smart feature. You can enjoy the search history on the app and then you can also swipe the itinerary or add it. This will help you with bookmarking different flights.

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TUTUApp Todait

TutuAppTodait is a smart study planner. On the Todait app you can grow and change together. Join the group and share your study on the Todait. You can focus on this moment and clear today’s plans on this app. The best way to focus is just by flipping. The focus mode allows you to switch on and off and record your study time. Flip your phone and the focus mode will launch. The app also supports countdown lock-out mode. While using the countdown lock-out mode, you can only use allowed apps. Choose the allowed apps before using countdown lock-out mode. Todait also supports amazing auto distribution. Todait is the best item available on the web for self-feedback. It supports both statistics and timetable. You can use the Todait app to get the perfect start and finish. The app also comes with task verification and goal achievement verification. The app also helps you to motivate yourself to wake up on time. It supports wake-up timestamp. Look at yourself objectively on the basis of the regular study reports. The app supports daily report (5 am everyday), weekly report (every Monday) and monthly report (the 1stof every month).

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TUTUApp Footej Camera

TutuAppFootej Camera has a simple and bloat-free user interface. You can focus and exposure from different areas. The Footej Camera app comes with manual controls like Manual ISO, shutter speed, save in RAW format if supported by device. The Footej Camera app allows you to capture amazing photo and video quality and it supports burst mode, animated GIFs and SD card storage. The Footej Camera app supports video recording. The video slow motion recording supports snapshot during video recording. The premium package of Footej Camera supports burst interval 500ms, more than 20 maximum shots in a burst. Other features are better JPEG quality, antibonding in 50 Hz in Europe and 60 Hz in Asia. The video maximum duration is over five minutes, phot histogram and high-resolution animated GIFs. The next time when you want to capture any image or video, use the Footej Camera app.

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TUTUApp GirlsAskGuys

TutuAppYou can understand how the opposite gender thinks with the GirlsAskGuys app. You can become part of a growing community of girls and guys. On this app, you can ask questions, create polls. You can connect anonymously with the opposite gender, get helpful tips and advice. Share your knowledge and experience. You can level up by contributing with girls and guys and earning Xper points. In GirlsAskGuys, you can start a conversation by sending a message. If you don’t feel like sharing with everyone, you can make the discussion private. If you want to talk about any sensitive topic, you can start talking anonymously. On the GirlsAskGuys app, you also have the option of browsing through different topics like relationship, dating, behaviour and other categories. You can also follow other people on the GirlsAskGuys and create a meaningful connection.

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TUTUApp CRED – Pay Credit Card Bills

TutuAppCRED is the most rewarding credit card payment app ever. On CRED, you can track all your credit cards. You will get timely payment reminders on the app. You can pay your credit card bills and you can earn exclusive rewards. CRED app allows you to gain exclusive rewards from your favorite brands keep coming. On this app, you will know where your money goes and you can analyse your expenses on this app. The app covers 24 months spend analysis and you can understand how you spend your money with the help of this app. You can see all the hidden charges revealed and nothing will miss your eyes. You can check details like total amount spend, total additional charges, fiancé charges, late payment fees, advance cash charges and forex charges. CRED forms a community of creditworthy people. You can calculate your eligibility score. For using the CRED app, you will have to apply for the membership card of the CRED app.

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TUTUApp Outdooractive

TutuAppWith Outdooractive, you can stay on track, thanks to razor-sharp map details. You can create your own tours including details and elevation profiles with few clicks. The Outdooractive app supports practical tracking. You can record your tours and enhance them by adding texts and photos on the map. Never lose the tract of your content when you are using the Outdooractive app. This app is filled with many inspiring contents. You can discover the best leisure activities around you and worldwide. You will always find your desired results due to the reliable search option present here. You also have the option of filtering your search result. The Outdooractive app is especially suitable for the users who prefer mountaineering, cycling and hiking. The app covers a worldwide trail database.

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TUTUApp Social Media Post Maker

TutuAppSocial Media Post Maker helps you in creating an amazing post and cover page for social. You can create and share social posts fast from anywhere. The app comes with an easy-to-use editor. The app covers beautiful templates and there are millions of free images. You can resize to different channels. You can share and schedule everything in seconds on Social Media Post Maker. You can customize in any way you want. You can add and replace images, texts and icons. You also have the option of changing fonts, colors and effects. The app covers millions of resources for you to use without ever worrying about licenses. You can use royalty-free images, icons, and fonts. You can share straight to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Social Media Post Maker allows you to schedule your designs to appear on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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TUTUApp Mubeat for KPOP Lovers

mubeatOn Mubeat for KPOP Lovers, you can enjoy 80,000 KPOP videos. You can watch official KPOP and entertainment videos from MBC, SBS and KBS. You can follow the artist channel on the Mubeat for KPOP Lovers. Don’t miss any of the artist’s videos updated every day on the app. You can celebrate your favorite artist’s anniversaries and show off your fan love on this app. The app allows you to watch videos in vertical mode and experience personalized video. Feel free to use the Mubeat for KPOP Lovers app for checking out the popular K-POP songs and artists from mubet chart. Show your love to your bias by posting in the community tab. You can download clips and watch repeatedly whenever you want without any internet connection. Mubeat for KPOP Lovers allows you to watch your bias in HD so clear as if it’s right in front of you. All the videos available in Mubeat for KPOP Lovers comes with subtitles. No matter what your native language is, you can use the Mubeat for KPOP Lovers app for enjoying videos in a language that you understand.

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TutuAppWith the ASKfm, you can ask anonymous questions. You can have fun answering questions others have sent you. ASKfm allows you to send anonymous or open questions to any friend. You can answer questions and earn ASK coins. You also have the option of buying coins and becoming popular. You can keep up with friends to see all the questions to see all the questions they have answered or liked. You can let your friends decide via photo polls. You can turn to ask into discussing- ask more questions to an answer and make a thread. The ASKfm app supports more than 40 languages. The app covers more than 214 million users. You can also participate in different answer thread on the ASKfm app. You also have the option of shouting out. You will meet different like-minded people on the ASKfm app. Per-minute, 11000 questions are asked in the app.

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TUTUApp CarWale

TutuAppCarWale is an app that will help you to buy, sell new and used cars. You can know your car loan EMI on the basis of loan amount, tenure, down payment and interest rate. You can check your final on-road prices without the hassle of filling forms. The app also shows information about ex-showroom price, RTO, insurance, fast tag and on-road price. CarWale app also you to easily compare car specifications, prices and features. The app also shows you news. You can stay updated on car launches, events and other stories. You can experience the interior and exterior view of cars in 360 degrees. CarWale allows you to explore a wide range of used cars in your area. CarWale allows you to list your car for sale in a few simple steps and get connected with genuine buyers. The app also comes with expert reviews. The app covers with video reviews. The CarWale app allows you to check new and used car dealers and also you can check used car valuation. You can also share your shortlisted cars in the CarWale app.

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