Download Scholar from TutuApp

Scholar TutuAppOn the Scholar app, you can get instant answers. Further, the app includes stepwise solution. The best thing is that the Scholar app includes all subjects. Scan any question to get instant solution. The step by step solution will help you to understand the answers better. Ask questions from any subject on the Scholar app. Further, on the Scholar app, one can take monthly quizzes. This will give you a chance to win a scholarship. Further, on the Scholar app, you can study with friends. Build your profile on the app. The profile maintains the number of questions asked, the number of answers and how many people have thanked. The Scholar app covers everything of the NCERT questions. If you are someone who is studying in the CBSE board, the Scholar app can be of great help to you. The app provides the users with 100% free services and it can be accessed throughout the day.

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Download StudyBlue from TutuApp

StudyBlue TutuAppConquer your course with the StudyBlue app. Realize your full potential with powerful study tools and class-specific materials. Create simple flashcards using the StudyBlue app. Further, access study materials for your classes. Take quizzes and track results using the StudyBlue app. Share and collaborate with classmates easily on the app. With the StudyBlue app, you can create, share and study digital flashcards and that too for free. The StudyBlue app can further be customized using the audio and images. Use the StudyBlue app to quiz yourself. Also, tracking your progress on the StudyBlue app is an easy thing to do. If you are a student, then StudyBlue app is a must-have app for you to memorize the things that you want to learn. The StudyBlue app has more than 500 million study materials and the students can access this for free. Next time when you have an exam and you need to memorize anything, use the StudyBlue app.

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Download Adobe Acrobat Reader from TutuApp

 Adobe Acrobat Reader TutuAppUnlock your documents and use the power of PDF, anywhere with the Adobe Acrobat Reader app. Fill forms and sign on screen using the Adobe Acrobat Reader app. Quickly view and annotate PDFs on this app. Switch to dark mode for low light here. Get a link to share files with others. Edit text, format, images and lists. Convert PDFs to Microsoft Word or Excel. Access files from your device or the cloud. The Adobe Acrobat Reader app will allow the users to view PDFs and apart from that, it supports single page and continuous scroll mode. Working with scanned documents is extremely easy on the Adobe Acrobat Reader app. The PDF further can be password protected by the users. Also, you will receive activity notification on th Adobe Acrobat Reader app. Also, the e-signature can be added on the Adobe Acrobat Reader app. Further multiple files can be combined using the Adobe Acrobat Reader app.

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Download Zoho Sheet from TutuApp

Zoho Sheet TutuApp

Zoho Sheet is your mobile spreadsheet editor. One can view and access all your spreadsheets at one place. Get automated data insights, recommendations, and answers for your queries with Zia. Invite people and work together using the Zoho Sheet app. Convert data from hard copies into shareable spreadsheet data instantly. Create visually engaging spreadsheets on the Zoho Sheet app. With the Zoho Sheet app, work simultaneously on two spreadsheets and apps. Access spreadsheets from your home screen only. Add, search or reach your spreadsheets through shortcuts. On the Zoho Sheet app, you will find all your spreadsheets at one place. Visualize and scrutinize your data with vibrant charts. Share and collaborate inside your Zoho sheet app. Organize, filter data for better observation and analysis. Highlight data based on rules with conditional formats. Use the Zoho Sheet app, to collect all your data in one space.

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Download Neon – Color Picker and Social from TutuApp

Color Picker and Social TutuAppThe Color Picker and Social app is very powerful and beautiful app that helps the users to capture real-time color and gradient picker. Pick from colours and gradients. View your captures from the home screen. Share your shades with the world. Follow other’s to view their shades. Pick using camera or images with the Color Picker and Social app. Point your iPhone towards something colourful or extract using an existing image. Customize your profile and set a picture, color and a cool username too. View detailed information and share your shades on Instagram stories. Generate code snippets on the Color Picker and Social app. Further, you can use the Color Picker and Social app to view CSS and a list of all colors. Search and generate code snippets. The Color Picker and Social app supports quick actions everywhere. Rename, comment, edit by long pressing on a shade. Generate random colors and gradients and shake to generate new ones. Color Picker and Social supports full native system in the dark mode. Simply switch your device’s theme.

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Download Domino’s Pizza from TutuApp

 Domino's Pizza TutuAppDomino’s Pizza is your online food delivery app. The great taste of food is delivered safely when you order from Domino’s Pizza app. Now during the covid time, Domino’s Pizza follows stringent safety protocols. The employees wash their hands for 20 seconds every hour. All employees sanitize their hands before and after each delivery. The Domino’s Pizza app can also be used for availing of exciting offers. From the Domino’s Pizza app, one can also track the safe delivery experts. The safe delivery experts wear face masks and their temperatures are screen every day. If you are pizza lover then the Domino’s Pizza app is a must-have app for you. The Domino’s Pizza app allows you to order pizza, avail offers and then further track the rider. It’s time for you to eat pizza safely from home.

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Download Moleskine Journey from TutuApp

Moleskine Journey Moleskine Journey provides the users space where creates, artists and free spirits can organize their personal and professional life. The Moleskine Journey app helps the users to reach their goals and improve every day. With the Moleskine Journey app, you can sit with your coffee in the morning and get an overview of what you are doing and what you need to do. Plan and set goals using the Moleskine Journey app. The app further allows users to the journal. Track your positive and negative habits. Design your vision with the Moleskine Journey app. The Moleskine Journey app allows the users to check my day, planner, projects, goals, journal, food diary, photo diary and other things too. The premium membership of the Moleskine Journey app allows you unlimited access and then, monthly and annual plans are also available on the app. The Moleskine Journey app has a user-friendly interface.

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Download Box – Cloud Content Management from TutuApp

Box – Cloud Content Management provides the users with secure remote work and storage. You can access preview your files and folders from anywhere. Collaborate seamlessly leveraging comments, sharing and editing. On the Box – Cloud Content Management app, one can tackle the workload on the go with the ability to view, complete and reject tasks. On the Box – Cloud Content Management app, you will find all of your box content at your fingertips. View notifications and complete tasks on the Box – Cloud Content Management app. Did you know that the Box – Cloud Content Management app has been featured in the Apple Best New Apps. CNET has said that Box – Cloud Content Management is an excellent choice for viewing, editing and sharing the files securely in the cloud. Using the Box – Cloud Content Management app, all the files can be access online. The iPhone and iOS users will get 10 GB of free cloud storage for strong all their documents.

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Download The Pattern from TutuApp

The Pattern TutuAppThe Pattern helps you to better understand yourself and connect with others on a deeper level. An in-depth guide to your personality is given by The Pattern. Explore your unique compatibility with other on this app. Gain clarity on your past, present and future. The Pattern app further helps the users to discover your friendship dynamics. Chatting wth friends is also possible using the Pattern app. View shared patterns on the Pattern app. The Pattern app further can help the users to generate romantic pattern readings. You can further use the Pattern app to see friendship and romantic patterns. The shared experiences can also be shared here. If you are someone who believes in astrology or law of attraction, then the The Pattern app is a must-have app for you. The next time when you need any guidance, just go ahead and use the The Pattern app and you are good to go.

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Download Cambridge Communication from TutuApp

Cambridge Communication TutuAppWith the Cambridge Communication app, you can improve your English the Cambridge way. Hone your business or general English language skills through the course of your choice. Practise and test your understanding. The Cambridge Communication app provides the users with bite-sized conversational style quality practice and test content to help you learn efficiently. Stay motivated and achieve your learning goals and test yourself at the mid-course and the end of-course stage. After using the Cambridge Communication app, you can become a confident English speaker. The right exposure to language and extensive practice will help you be better in your communication. The right exposure to language and extensive practice will help you be better in your communication. For signing up, you will need to enter your mobile number, an OTP will be sent to your number after which you can enter it for logging inside the app. If you want to learn English, then the Cambridge Communication app is one of the most perfect app which is present out there. Improve your English with the Cambridge Communication app now.

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