Download StockAxis from TutuApp

TutuAppStockAxis is a SEBI registered online equity advisor tracking more than 2000 listed companies of the Indian equity market. The analyzer of the financials of listed companies for efficient and exhaustive analysis. On the app, you will get the list of the Top 50 ranked stocks generated by the Stock Rating System. The stock trend/rating features catalogue of all stocks which change their trends on a daily basis. One will further find a hand picked list of topics covering various aspects of equity investing. On the StockAxis, one can further access to a daily updated list of the leading industries and the companies in it. The sector wise stocks are also available here. Obtain all stocks of your sector of interest in one single page on the StockAxis app. The StockAxis app has a track record of success. Evaluate their past recommendations to view their accuracy and expertise. If you are someone who is looking for advice on your stock market, then StockAxis app is just the perfect app for you.

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Download Attlas from TutuApp

AtlassAttlas is a free GST billing and invoice accounts app. With the help of Attlas, one can create a digital invoice for shops and businesses. Wondering how it works? You can get customer phone number, secondly create sale invoice or receipt and then, the customer receives the invoice link as automatic SMS. The inventory products and services allows the users to manage products and services and in addition to that handle inquiries on price/stock like a boss. On the Attlas app, one can further track customer’s outstanding payments and them on the due date. Create sale invoice for your customers and keep a note of pending payments on the Attlas app. The app further comes with credit payment reminders. Track all your credits and pending payments with due dates on the Attlas app. Further, one can use the Attlas app to generate paperless bill and share through text messages. One can also define the user roles on the Attlas app. Let your employee made sale/add product and get modifications instantly in your smartphone.

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Download Expensify from TutuApp


TutuAppYou weren’t born to do expenses. Eliminate expense reports on the Expensify app with the Expensify card. It is the world’s smartest corporate card, with the highest spend and safest limit, guarded by the industry-first daily settlement and realtime compliance features. Track and submit receipts on the go. You can track receipts for tax and personal expenses and also, you have the option of submitting expenses to your manager or accountant. SmartScan feature of the Expensify app automatically read and imports receipts details for you. Using the Expensify app, you can submit receipts directly to your manager or accountant. Categorise, tag and group expenses into a report on the Expensify app. One also has the option to approve or reject expenses from the phone. Additional features of the app include mileage tracking, per diem support, candidate reimbursement, receipt integration, advanced tac tracking, delegated access and many additional features If you are serious about tracking your expenses, then there is no better app than the Expensify app

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Download Heal My Life from TutuApp

TutuAppHeal My Life is a holistic healing app. Transform yourself to your real potential in body, mind and spirit. The app allows you to enjoy affirmations for life success and personality development. The app has affirmation for 200 plus disease. Heal My Life supports subconscious hearing. The app has a provision of a subliminal switch for affirmation healing at subconscious level. The Heal My Life comes with guided meditations. Calm your nerves with an exclusive range of Guided Meditations. Also, enjoy the powerful healing sounds of Buddhist Mantra Chants by Grammy-nominated Lama Tashi. The app comes with Prana Yoga and one can experience the magic of power breathing. One can experience the unique mix of hearing self-affirmations with Prana Yoga. The app supports breathing exercises in Yogic technique, aura healing and intensification technique. If you want to overcome depression and stress. Withe the Heal My Life, you can lead relaxed and happy. The app also helps you to manage and control anxiety and anger.

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Download Medito from TutuApp

MeditoMedito app is a free meditation and sleep app. It is built for people and not for profit. If you have never meditated, you can try the beginner coach in the Medito app. If you have meditated before, then you can straight away start from the intermediate course. Find different voices and session lengths that suit you. The Medito is a simple app with simple design, no fluff, no ads and no in-app purchases. The different kinds meditations available here include stress and anxiety, breathing exercises, meditation timer, loving-kindness, body scan and mantra. The Medito comes with a new stress and anxiety pack and yes, it available for completely free. If you want to improve your mental well-being, then the Medito app is definitely for you. The guided meditations available here will be of great help to you. Use the Medito app only for few minutes in a day to build a positive outlook towards the life. And also, the meditation available here will offer you a great peace.

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Download CoverFire from TutuApp

TutuAppCoverFire is an offline shooting game that comes with various game modes. Choose your weapon in the game and building your team. The different characters present in the game belong to assault, sniper, demolition and hacker. Fight around the world in the CoverFire game. In the battle, it is your duty to lead the battle. Even though you might need a Wi-Fi for downloading the game, you will not need it to play. The game comes with a story mode which keeps everything interesting. The HD graphics of the game allows the users to enjoy a destructible environment. You need to shoot your rivals and save the victim. One can also experience the battle world in the CoverFire game. While playing don’t forget to equip yourself with plenty of arsenal. You never know when you will need all these weapons in the ultimate offline battle game. Try to become the best shooter in the game.

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Download Simple Flashcards Plus from TutuApp

TutuAppSimple Flashcards Plus is an app that offers to learn and studying help. The Simple Flashcards Plus app supports hassle-free studying. It is a free app that has no ads and doesn’t require any registration. Create flashcards and it allows you to attach custom images and mark cards as learned to track your progress. Simple Flashcards Plus allows the users to browse millions of already made flashcard sets from Quizlet. Quiz yourself and hone your skills by turning any flashcard set into randomly generated tests. The Simple Flashcards Plus further allows the users to use the browse mode. Go through flashcards at your own pace. The app can read them to you too, if you want it. The dark mode of the Simple Flashcards Plus app save your eyes and your batter. Turn it on or off according to your preference. Cleanly organize all of your flashcard sets by either subject or class.

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Download Calendar from TutuApp

tutuappIn the Calendar, you will find the complete calendar to organize your life. Synchronize your calendars and manage here all your commitments. O the Calendar, your daily tasks easily managed. The Calendar app helps you organize and notify you of your reminders. The app remembers your daily events. On the Calendar app, you can choose the theme, customize, the calendar and more. The Calendar app is very fast and the app is very customizable. The daily recurrence can be set on the basis of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The Calendar app can be synched with multiple other calendars. You can also list the birthdays of your friends on the Calendar app. One can easily add, edit and complete task on the Calendar. The entire task listing on the Calendar app is very dynamic. The Calendar app currently supports two themes which are white and dark theme. The Calendar app is available for free and it can also work even with an internet connection. Yes, it works like an offline app.

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Download OVO from TutuApp

OVOIn the OVO app, you can find the main features and navigate within the reach of your thumb. The OVO app ensures that one can do a seamless payment. Complete your payment simply by scanning QR code. Find all sources of fund on one page and pay in just one click away. The deals get real. Spend less and save more with plenty of up-to-date promos using the OVO app. Enjoy the ease of paying bills or daily needs with vast bill payment services. On the OVO app, you can plan anything and everything. Transfer to all the banks on the OVO app. The app supports easy top-up. If you are looking for a new financial app, then you can give OVO a try. PT Visionet Internasional creates the OVO app.

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Download Social Post Maker from TutuApp

tutuappOn Social Post Maker, one can create and share social posts fast from anywhere. The app comes with an easy-to-use editor, beautiful templates and millions of free images. One can also resize to different channels and share and schedule in seconds. Customise in any way you want. Add and replace images, text and icons. Change fonts, colours and effects. Use royalty0free images, icons and fonts. The Social Post Maker app supports millions of resources for you to use without ever worrying about licenses. Share straight to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Plan your social media posts ahead. Schedule your designs to appear on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Design graphics quickly and simply here. Use 1000s of professionally designed templates. Start from here and continue from anywhere. Choose from millions of free images. Work with beautiful stickers, backgrounds and fonts. Design graphics quickly and simply. Use 1000s of professionally designed templates. Start from here and continue to anywhere.

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