TUTUApp InShot

TutuAppInShot is a video editor and video maker. In the InShot app, you can create a customizable video. It is an app which is friendly even with the newbies. One can also add their own music or featured songs. What’s more? The app also supports layers of multiple tracks. You can customize your screen from ratio to alignment. On the InShot app, you can add music, effects and voice-overs. In addition to that, the app also supports animation sticker and text and video effects. One can also adjust speed on the InShot app. The videos edited through the InShot app can be saved in full definition. If you are someone who is dealing with video editing, then you can use the InShot app for editing the videos. Additional features of InShot include video trimmer, video cutter and video splitter. You can further go ahead and use the video merger and video joiner. All the videos that you create through InShot can be shared easily.

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Download TutuApp Health Mate

TutuAppHealth Mate is the most complete health companion for you. Health Mate tracks weight, activity, blood pressure and more – all in one app. The Health Mate app comes with in-depth activity tracking to help you meet and exceed your goals. Gain insights to achieve the result you want with the master weight management feature. You can sleep smarter with the Health Mate app. It tracks sleep to help you take care of your nights so you have better days. Experience products designed to improve daily well-being and long term health. The app is updated in a regular interval. the developers work continually on the app to deliver new features as dark mode and strava link. The Health Mate app further supports activity tracking. The leaderboard of the app helps you to stay motivated along with your families and friends. As you progress to meet you health goals, you will be awarded with badges.

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Download Mixlr

TutuAppOn the Mixlr, you can share live audio direct from your Android device. Invite your friends to listen with you. And chat live with everyone who joins you. Add your own artwork and bio, build your very own space on the Mixlr app. Explore a growing community of artists, musicians and live audio creators. Show your love and heart the sound that you like on the Mixlr app. You can broadcast high-quality audio on the Mixlr app. For a good performance, you either plug in an external device or a headset. You can listen to all your favorite live audios. The broadcasts present on the Mixlr app are neatly categorized and it further makes it easier for the users to navigate through the app. Please note that the Mixlr app is currently on its beta version.

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Download PhotoMania

TutuAppThe PhotoMania app supports world-class effects for stunning results on any photo. Get that unique look with sketch and painting effects on the PhotoMania app. Create amazing e-cards for your loved ones on the PhotoMania app. Turn your photos into amusing moments with fun frames. Mix and match effects for effortless editing on the PhotoMania app. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with plenty of card designs supported by the app. The PhotoMania app supports brush feature, painting effects, sketch effects, vintage effects, camera effects and texture effects. You can turn all the photos into amazing memories. This simple yet power photo editing application is the app that you need for creating the right effect on your image.

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Download Debt Payoff Planner

TutuAppWith the Debt Payoff Planner app, you can know exactly how much to pay on each debt every month. You can plan everything step by step. The Debt Payoff Planner app covers payoff summary. Get a summary of everything including when you will be debt-free. The Debt Payoff Planner app provides the users with information like current ad starting balance, monthly payment, first-month interest, debt-free on, total of payments and total interests. Add all of your debts and track them in a single app. The app comes with 3 payoff strategies. Choose from debt snowball, debt avalanche or custom. The Debt Payoff Planner works on minimal input. Only inputs are the current balance, minimum payment and APR. Read articles on debt-related topics to pay it off faster. The Debt Payoff Planner app includes an extra amount that can be paid each month. Focus on what to do this month, but see the long term plan too. The app has a tablet friendly layout. Browse and track from a more comfortable display size.

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Download Captions for Instagram

TutuAppCaptions for Instagram has a huge collection of original captions and trending hashtags. You can use the Captions for Instagram app to boost your Instagram profile and gain more followers. It is one of the most loved app in 2019. The app has 35 plus caption categories. Find captions for a range of topics. Different categories that are available on Captions for Instagram are attitude, art, abstract, birthday, beauty and books. The app comes with easily search captions. You can search, copy and use the sassiest captions. The app will provide you with all the trending hashtags. These tags can help you to get more likes and followers. AI-powered suggestion is available on Captions for Instagram. Upload image and find a matching caption instantly. Find a suitable caption for a picture on this app. Everything is available under one click. One-click copy and use, save captions to use later.

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Download N2F-Expense Reports

TutuAppThanks to N2F-Expense Reports, you can save your expenses in no time on your cell phone. Stop losing valuable hours at the end of the month! Simplify your life and view incomplete and over-limit expenses. Go paperless with N2F-Expense Reports. Take a photo of your receipts and you also have the option of importing PDF and photos from your gallery. Automatic synchronization of N2F-Expense Reports secures your data in your web account. Even when you have no internet. The app works offline! Export your doing software, ta to accounting. It works with any accounting. Works with any accounting software, and also supports PDF and also supports PDF and Excel exports. Track the reimbursement status of your expense reports. With the mileage allowance feature, you can manage your favorite trips and scales (tax or personalized). Customize your expense categories and further, set spending limits.

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Download Omniwebsite

TutuAppGet a free website instantly with Omniwebsite app. The app comes with more than 6000 customizable themes. Create unlimited pages add custom domain with Omniwebsite. The app further supports Google Analytics, SEO ready website and integration powerful plugins. Easily change your website by customizing design and content with Omniwebsite. Other features of Omniwebsite includes:

  1. Free logo maker
  2. Upload unlimited rotating banners
  3. Animation and scroll effects
  4. Maps with direction
  5. Showcase photo gallery and videos

Get a feature-rich e-commerce website Omniwebsite. You can add a shopping cart with express checkout. Sell products and services online. The Omniwebsite app supports powerful search with dynamic filters. Other Omniwebsite app supports wishlist and reviews and ratings, coupon codes and customer credit. Create and share payment links on WhatsApp, SMS and Email. 100% secure and safe transactions are guaranteed in this app. In addition to that, Omniwebsite supports one click payment and multiple payment modes. Respond to customers in real-time. You can manage incoming orders, follow up on inquiries, track your appointments. The app answer customer inquiries over WhatsApp. Manage your business on your fingertips with real-time dash boards, access to advanced reports and export invoice to tally.  Send promotional bulk SMS, e-mail and app notifications.

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Download Unplug: Meditation

TutuAppUnplug: Meditation is an app for mindfulness, journal and sleep. Create a meditation practice you love using the Unplug: Meditation app. Meditate with world-renowned teachers on the app. Wake and use the Unplug: Meditation app and feel good every day. One can further use the app for having a good night sleep. Unplug: Meditation is Apple new apps that it loves for the year 2018. Customize or find your meditation playlist with the Unplug: Meditation app. Set goals and reminders and track your progress. The app further provides the users with information like daily average time, daily consecutive days, most consecutive weeks and total number of sessions. World-renowned meditation teacher in your pocket using the Unplug: Meditation app. Meditate in silence or to relaxing sound on your own time. Best meditation for sleep and relaxation in Unplug: Meditation app. The app further feature meditation for kids and teens.

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Download TripIt: Travel Planner

TutuAppYou can make all your travel plans in one app using the TripIt: Travel Planner app. Instantly create master trip itineraries. Access important information, even when you are offline. View your itinerary on an interactive map. Using the TripIt: Travel Planner app, discover nearby restaurants, ATMs and more. Track the carbon footprint of your flights with the TripIt: Travel Planner app. Get real-time flight alerts on your trip. Easily navigate through the airport. While you are planning a trip, using the TripIt: Travel Planner app, you can find a better seat, monitor flight refunds and it further reminds you when you have to check-in.  On the map, while on the move, you can check the interactive airport and terminal maps. The pro version of TripIt: Travel Planner includes checking price of your bags. You can also check the trips taken, distance traveled and countries visited.

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