TUTUApp WeekCal

TutuAppWeekCal is the most powerful calendar which is present online. The WeekCal app is fully customizable with coloring, automation, templates and more. WeekCal with all your calendars like iCloud, Exchange, Google, Yahoo, Aol. And Outlook. You can also access to sports, events, holidays and more on the calendar store. WeekCal will then add your favorite events near your location. And smart updates like traffic information and weather. The app is also dark mode compatible. It also supports multiple views for different timeframes. Share your events with others via SMS, WhatsApp or any other messaging app of your choice. Reminders are nicely integrated into your daily schedule. It is the most user-friendly calendar which is present in the market. The clarity which is given by WeekCal is commendable. The different features which are available on WeekCal are dragging, copying and pasting weekly appointments. You can also customize the week numbers and it also has a repetitive option.

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TUTUApp Waking Up: A Meditation Course

TutuAppOn the Waking Up: A Meditation Course app, learn mindfulness meditation with Sam Harris. Begin the practice of mindfulness using the introductory course and then graduate to daily meditations. Listen to short talks on science, philosophy and nature of mind. Join Sam Harris is a neuroscientist and philosopher and is also a New York Times best-selling author. You can practice meditation for real using the Waking Up: A Meditation Course app. The app can be used by both newbies and for even advanced meditators. You can pay a subscription fee for using the Waking Up: A Meditation Course app. Once, you have tried using the introductory class and if you enjoy it, then go for the subscription pay. In case, you do not like that, you can go ahead and ask for your money. You can use the Waking Up: A Meditation Course app to sharpen your mind and you will gain your experience.

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TUTUApp Nimble Social Relationship CRM

TutuAppNimble Social Relationship CRM helps you prepare for every engagement. Because relationships matter. The Nimble Social Relationship CRM supports smart contact summary. You will find your contacts everywhere you work and you will find relationship insights on everyone you meet. Nimble Social Relationship CRM smart agenda delivers relationship intelligence on the people you are meeting with. The tasks list of this app helps you follow up and follow through on every meeting. The app further shows the users the upcoming tasks and events in conscience and clear view. If you want instant intel on the contact members than the Nimble Social Relationship CRM app. the app also seamlessly sync with Google Calendar. It supports push notification and helps you to prepare for the meetings. You can further set reminders to remind you of the meeting ends. Synch your contacts both manually and automatically to your Nimble account. The Nimble Social Relationship CRM app is featured in Forbes, Fortune Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, LinkedIn, CODiE, ZDNet, Mashable, PandoDaily and Social Media Examiner.

You can download the Nimble Social Relationship CRM app on your iOS device using the TutuApp. The TutuApp is a popular third-party app-store that allows the users to download apps and games of your choice. You can also download multiple apps and games on your iOS device using the TutuApp and that too simultaneously and without facing any problem.

Download Nimble Social Relationship CRM

  1. Download TutuApp from Safari browser and wait for the downloading process to be completed. And
  2. Navigate to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management
  3. Tap on “Trust TUTUApp”.
  4. Install and run TUTUApp on your device.
  5. In the search bar of the app, type “Nimble Social Relationship CRM” and tap on the search button.
  6. Download Nimble Social Relationship CRM

TUTUApp Eternity Time Log

TutuAppYou can track time like a pro using the Eternity Time Log game. The game is run multiple timers for hierarchical projects. You can analyze detailed, hierarchical reports and charts. You can further adjust logs, edit past entries any time when you want. The app is very simple and if you are wondering where do you end up spending all your time, then the Time Log app is for you. The app is very flexible and can be used by almost everyone. You can add any number of activities in any hierarchy that you want. For making it easier to navigate through the game, you can add multiple tags. The Time Log also supports Pomodoro alerts for running timer. The touch log of the app makes everything zoomable. You can navigate through the pie charts for studying the reports properly. The app also supports DropBox and you can keep its backup on your device. You can also do color coding on the Time Log app. The app supports daily, weekly, monthly and give you custom reports of everything. You can edit day to day logs on the Time Log app.

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TutuAppIn the MyDol app, your favorite star sends you sweet messages. The app supports messages in 11 different languages. Customized messages every different time and star. You can now say goodbye to frozen lock screen. You can add gif pictures to your lock screen! And you also have the freedom to add multiple gif. In addition to that, you can enjoy virtual chatting with your star. If you want to hide your fanship, use the IKLO function. Just drag the lock screen button down at the workplace or in front of your lover. You can also pretend that you are your favorite star and enjoy roleplay chatting. Put yourself in a situation such as school-like. You can enjoy a variety of situations through roleplay chatting. You also have the option of making a video call on the MyDol app.

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TUTUApp Huawei Health

TutuAppOptimize your fitness with comprehensive data on workouts, sleep quality, heart rate, body fat and stress level with the Huawei Health app. Huawei Health is an active lifestyle technology driven by technology. The app’s simple design allows you to focus on your exercise. Swift to softer colors for a comfortable browsing experience. You can further make payments, listen to music, and choose a watch face design that suits your style. With the Huawei Health you can track speed, trajectory, heart rate, running track, cycling mode, running and walking. The Huawei Health app further supports 5km to marathon running training program. If you are a health freak, then the Huawei Health app is something that you can try. The app will give you a completely comprehensive view of your body.

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TUTUApp Numerics

TutuAppNumerics is a real-time business dashboard. Track all your important numbers in unified dashboards. Build using widgets that come with unique visualization. Connect to data from 50 plus cloud services. This includes custom data form too. You can further go ahead and ask Siri for a brief update. Get KPI to change alerts via push notifications. The Numerics app supports secure and direct service to service connections. You can create and share a dashboard template. Design dashboard once and then goes ahead and deploy across your organization. Wear your metrics with the Apple Watch app and complications. Use iCloud sync to display the dashboard on Apple TV. Numerics is extremely visual and you can figure numbers with pie charts, gauges timers, line graphs, funnel lists, month density graph, day density graph and text labels. The Numerics app is simply omnipresent. Everything that you create through the Numerics app, can be shared with other users. The app is also easy to integrate with API.

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TUTUApp Smoothy

TutuAppIn the Smoothy app, your friends are waiting for you. One can also do an avatar chat on the Smoothy app. Smoothy starts without sound. It supports stealth mode video chatting. Smoothy believes text is not enough. Have fun with instant video. Gather your friends at once. Check out who is online and offline. You can further go ahead and send a chat link. The friend will be summoned right away for you. Just tap and chat. You can video chat with eight friends together. You can video chat wherever you like. The added new feature of the Smoothy includes a chat with cool filters and cute stickers. You can touch the photo of your friend to see their profiles. Also, you can go ahead and touch a friend name to send a message on any screen.

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TUTUApp HIIT Workouts by Daily Turn

HIIT WorkoutsOn the HIIT Workouts by Daily Turn app, you will get weekly workout plans personalized to your fitness goals and levels. You can decide whether you want to lose weight, get tones or stay motivated. You will find a personalized 1-on-1 training experience. You will find trainers that motivate and sweat it out with you. HIIT Workouts by Daily Turn app also support high-intensity interval training workouts that are fun, challenging and designed for weight loss. You will find 10-30-minute high-intensity workouts that fir your schedule. Apart from that, HIIT Workouts by Daily Turn also covers easy, medium and hard workouts with or without equipment. The HIIT Workouts by Daily Turn supports workouts that fir your schedule. You will find a community to inspire and challenge you. HIIT Workouts by Daily Turn supports workouts for everybody.

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TUTUApp Times Food App

TutuAppIn the Times Food App, explore 10,000 plus recipes. You will find videos and food articles. This also includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. In the Times Food App, you can uncover celebrity clefs. In addition to that, you will also find blogger recipe secrets and recipes by top chefs. You will find special dishes for all festival. For instance, you will find Chicken Biryani for Eid, Gulab Jamun for Diwali, Plum Cake for Christam and Sarson Da Saag for Lohri. The Times Food App will also give you get step by step instructions of recipes. Learn more about the cuisine you love. Also, know favourite recipes ingredients. Further, the Times Food App will allow you to discover kitchen hacks. You can read articles on health and also, you will learn more about daily food facts here. Times Food App allows you to follow a different diet plans like Keto diet, low card diet and weight loss diet. The app also gives the users the opportunity to become a food blogger. Submit your recipes and get features on Times Food App. You will also find a popular regional recipe on the Times Food App.

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