TUTUApp Moment – Screen Time Control

Moment – Screen Time ControlMoment – Screen Time Control is an app that will help you to limit social media and phone usage. You can break your device addiction using it Moment – Screen Time Control. Users have confessed that their phone usage habit has changed drastically after they have used the Moment – Screen Time Control app. The app also comes with effective coaching to digital detox. Different digital detox which is available in Moment – Screen Time Control are phone bootcamp, bored and brilliant, attention span and family intro. You can also track phone usage and get an hour back each day. You can also use the Moment – Screen Time Control app to build habits and you can learn more about habit tweaks. You can manage family screen time using the Moment – Screen Time Control app. The app comes with screen time, parental control. You can also use the phone usage tracker and it will show you the screen time daily. With less time given to your phone, you can sharpen your focus. Moment – Screen Time Control is the app that you need for a healthy phone-life balance.

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TUTUApp Prosper

PropserProsper is a leadership and career coaching app. With the Prosper app, you can masterwork and life balance, time management, motivating others and more with a Prosper coach. You can find your coach and connect with a coach who’s specialized in your career goals. You can meet your coaches virtually and get personal guidance with video or audio sessions with your coach. Prosper is an app which helps you to get an action plan. You can take action toward your career goals with bite-sized tasks. With the help of the Prosper app, you can make fast progress. The app will help you to reach your career goals faster with accountability and perspective Are you wondering, how the Prosper app works? You have to first meet your match, you can book a time then and then you have the freedom to join the session. Your coach will then provide you with an action plan. You can then continue with the relationship with your coach. If you want to grow in your career and improve yourself, then use the Prosper app and you are good to go.

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TUTUApp Grateful: A Gratitude Journal

Grateful: A Gratitude JournalGrateful: A Gratitude Journal is a prompt-based gratitude journal. It is an app for counting your blessings, literally. The Grateful: A Gratitude Journal app has a simple and clean design and this allows the users to make the words and photos shine. You can view in timeline or page form or print your journal as a book. Each entry starts with a prompt and this makes sure that you never face a blank page. You can add your own custom prompts. You know best what will get you writing. Daily prompts include questions like what are you grateful for, what areyou looking forward to, what made you smile today, what made you laugh today, what made today a good day, what made today awesome and what was the best thing that happened to you today. The Grateful: A Gratitude Journal app supports two background color modes. Whether you want light or a dark mode, you can choose to best fit your mood. If you want to focus on things that truly matters, then Grateful: A Gratitude Journal is just the perfect app for you.

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TUTUApp Crowdfire: Social Media Manager

CrowdFireThe Crowdfire: Social Media Manager app automatically find articles and images that your audience will love. It automagically customizes your posts for each of the platform. You can schedule your post or post them later or choose the post at best time option. You have the option of adding your own favorite sources of content on the Crowdfire: Social Media Manager app. If you are someone who uses digital media on a regular interval to manage your business, then the Crowdfire: Social Media Manager app is a must for you. The Crowdfire: Social Media Manager app can support your customers with the mention feature. You can also keep an eye on the blog and online shops using the Crowdfire: Social Media Manager app easily. The Crowdfire: Social Media Manager app is highly popular among social media managers because of obvious reasons. The premium version of the Crowdfire: Social Media Manager app is also available for the users.

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TUTUApp Editorial

EditorialYou can markdown editing with beautiful inline preview. The Editorial app has task paper mode for plain text to do list. The Editorial app also supports dark theme and many other customization options. You also have the freedom to text zoom. Editorial supports powerful workflows and python scripting. Editorial has tabbed web browser for quick research. The Editorial supports inline marketing and foundation preview. You also have extensible workflows and script. The dropbox synch allows the users synch all the notes that you have made on the Editorial. The app also comes with extended keyboard in the form of smart keyboard. Merlin Mann has praised the Editorial app by saying that it has reinvented iOS text editing.

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TUTUApp Media 365 Book Reader

Book ReaderMedia 365 Book Reader is a book reader app that allows you to read your ebook just like a paper book. The Media 365 Book Reader app allows the users to discover free books in your language. You can also publish your books to the world on the Media 365 Book Reader app and earn money. The app supports plenty of book formats like EPUB, FB2, PDF, TXT and MOBI. The Media 365 Book Reader allows the users to customize it fully to your taste. You can organize your books easily on the Media 365 Book Reader app. The app also provides the users to delete, move, get information, create shortcut and lock the books. The Media 365 Book Reader app comes with night modes which make it easier for the users to read the book. The Media 365 Book Reader app also supports audiobook and allows you to listen to your books on the move. If you are someone who loves to read the book, then Media 365 Book Reader is a must for you.

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TUTUApp Spotify Lite

Spotify LiteSpotify Lite is an app where you can enjoy millions of songs for free. The Spotify Lite app is the light version of the original Spotify app. It is a light app and works even in a slow network connection. You can play your favorite songs and artists on the Spotify Lite app. It is the perfect app where you can discover new music. The app curates personalized playlists only for you. This small app is extremely fast. No matter in what network condition you are, the Spotify Lite app will just work fine. Apart from that, the app will also keep track of data and storage. The Spotify Lite app has music to meet all your mood. The songs which are present on the Spotify Lite are categorised into pop, Bollywood, romance, Punjabi, party, Tamil, electronic/dance, Telugu, hip-hop, R&B and many other stuff.

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TUTUApp Goodbudget: Budget & Finance

Good BudgetGoodbudget: Budget & Finance is a budget app that allows the users to create and maintain their budget. The Goodbudget: Budget & Finance app allows the users to see their spending. The app neatly categories where you have spent what amount of money. You can see a clear picture in the form of a pie chart. With the Goodbudget: Budget & Finance app, you can practice conscious spending. The Goodbudget: Budget & Finance app is a useful app which helps you to stay on budget, always. On the Goodbudget: Budget & Finance app, you can create a budget that actually works. You can plan before you spend on this app and this is helpful for you to stay within your budget limit. The app also tells you the amount of money that is left with you. You can choose your very own style while using the Goodbudget: Budget & Finance app. The Goodbudget: Budget & Finance app is recommended by experts and is downloaded by more than 3 million users. It is a top quality app that is loved by many.

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Up!Up! Is an app that allows the users to fight depression, bipolar and borderline management. With the Up! App on your iOS device, you can keep a tack of your smile and get to know yourself. The app can further be used for recording sleeping time, working time, activity time and social activity time. You can also check sleep patterns and live your life in a good mood using this app. The app provides the users with objective data as support for your therapy. You can record your mood within the blink of an eye. The Up! App allows the users to keep a record of their anxiety level, energy level, self-confidence level and whether any kind of medication has been taken or not. You can also keep a track of your work-life balance. The app will also indicate you about the early warning sight. By elevating your heartbeat using the app, you can elevate your mood. If you want to improve your mental fitness and you are looking for an app to do that, then you should try the Up! App.

One can download the Up! App on their iOS device using the TutuApp. The TutuApp is a third-party app store which is considered as the best replacement of the official app store. With TutuApp on your device, you can easily download the apps and games safely. This app storehouses all the latest apps and games in it.

Download Up!

  1. Download TutuApp from Safari browser and wait for the downloading process to be completed.
  2. Navigate to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management
  3. Tap on “Trust TUTUApp”.
  4. Install and run TUTUApp on your device.
  5. In the search bar of the app, type “Up!” and tap on the search button.
  6. Download Up!

TUTUApp Prana Breath

PranaYou can start practicing meditation and pranayama right after you install the app. No theory needed-just close your eyes and be guided by sounds. You can tune-up every single breathing session and meditation and create your own custom training. The dynamic mode present in the app makes t possible to adjust each cycle, providing gradual complexity increase. The experience expressed in level and in the amount of time spent for each pattern and for each phase can also be checked in the Prana Breath app. The app shows you total time spent in inhaling, retaining, exhaling and sustaining. Apart from that it also shows the amount of time you have spent in experiences such as calming, power, harmony, anti-stress and serenity. The progress chart of Prana Breath shows your achievements to see where you were and where you are. It is the training log where you have all the details about each of your breathing session, meditation and health test in one place. You also have reminders on the app to create your own convenient schedule of practicing. Prana Breath has rich sounds to make your practice as pleasant as possible: custom sound choice, diverse pitch, fading etc. The app only sends you the notification which are created by yourself.

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