Download Mi Credit from TutuApp

TutuAppMi Credit is Xiaomi’s official platform with the best security and encryption. It is a simple application. The app takes only four quick steps to get money with minimal documentation. You can get money disbursed to your bank account in realtime. Finish all applying procedures entirely online and hassle-free. Mi Credit is a personal loan platform from Xiaomi. You can easily replay the load that you have taken with a span of 90 days to 2 years. The interest rate of the loan which is given to Mi Credit, is also low. For taking the loan from Mi Credit, one needs to be 21 years. You can get loan in four easy steps from Mi Credit. The app allows the users to get a loan of Rs. 2 lakh. The application which is required to submit for collecting the loan is also digital. If you need a loan, then use the Mi Credit app to collect it.

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Download Paper by WeTransfer from TutuApp

TutuAppWith Paper by WeTransfer, you can sketch with confidence. The app also covers drawing tutorials, creative challenges, workbooks and planners. Quickly cut and collage photos on Paper by WeTransferSTart to stay organised with journals on the Paper by WeTransfer app.  The app further provides the users with the option of customizing the journal covers. Many top artists provide their tips and tricks on Paper by WeTransfer for the newbies. You can use these tips to start on Paper by WeTransfer. The app allows you to get creative without worrying about the mess. Your ideas on Paper by WeTransfer will work on your way. If you are someone who is creative and want to give the creativity a chance in the digital world, then Paper by WeTransfer is just the perfect app for you to begin with. In addition to the free version, Paper by WeTransfer also supports a premium version.

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Download HumOn from TutuApp

TutuAppHumOn is the simplest music creator app that is available out there. With the HumOn app, everyone can make music. Hum your melody and make it real music. Select your genre. The different genres which are available on HumOn include hip-hop, house, 8-bit, classical and more. Select your favorite genre on HumOn. Tap and arrange music, from humming into the score just within few minutes. You can tap on the edit section for editing note and lyrics. As a musician, you have the option of editing pitch, onset, duration. You can also add lyrics, split, rest and select the audios that you have created using HumOn. Need some more? Add your own voice. Try rap or any vocal on the song on HumOn. Once, you have finalized the music, you can upload on Insta or Facebook to share. Another great news for all the budding artist is that music from HumOn is totally copyright free.

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Download from TutuApp

RoosterMoneyRoosterMoney sorts the pocket money problem. RoosterMoney is a family pocket money tracker. You can use RoosterMoney as a star chart, virtual money tracker and also, it can be used for making payment cards. With RoosterMoney, you can manage chores and track allowances. Create goals and learn to save on RoosterMoney. The whole family can keep track to going using the RoosterMoney. One can put spending limits to keep the budget on the check. Further, RoosterMoney also supports notifications. RoosterMoney can be used for setting a pocket money routine. The app further supports an optional Visa debit card. One can also capture images on RoosterMoney. The current balances and statements can be viewed on the app. The stars currency of RoosterMoney can be used in the reward chart. With the Rooster Card of RoosterMoney, your child can make considered spending choices. The entire family can create their very own collective saving goals using the RoosterMoney app. The dashboard of RoosterMoney can be fully customized to meet your requirement.

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Download Study Bunny: Focus Timer from TutuApp

tutuappMeet you Study Bunny: Focus Timer, you friend for focus and productivity. Earn coins by studying and then use these coins to buy items for your bunny. View your stats and track how much you study with color coded tags. Edit your stats and customize your session blocks in the weekly view. Set your timer and assign a subject and color before you start your session. Pause when you lose focus and then get back on track with some motivational advice. Use helpful study tools like the to-do list and flashcard. New items are added regularly on the Study Bunny app to make your bunny happy with lots of customization options. Please note that the Study Bunny app does not block any other apps. If you want to focus on your studies, then feel free to use the Study Bunny app. The app will surely help you to study.

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Download Smart Transfer from TutuApp

tutuappSmart Transfer is your personal content migrator. Get all your data on the new device with the Smart Transfer app. The app comes with efficient QR code sharing. It saves a lot of time to transfer anything between phones.  The app supports the cross-platform transfer. Therefore, moving content across different platform devices can be done effortlessly. The app supports fast transfer speed. You can go ahead and transfer data at high speed using the Smart Transfer app. There is no data limitation on the Smart Transfer app. You can go ahead and transfer unlimited data from your old phone to the new one. The Smart Transfer app has a clean and elegant user-interface. Enjoy a superior content transfer experience with a user-friendly interface. The next time when you want to transfer any data, just use the Smart Transfer app and you are good to go. This is a wonderful file transferring app.

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Download Farmley from TutuApp

tutuappFarmley is your 1-click purchase solution for the best quality non-perishable agro-commodities. In the Farmley app, you can see the latest market prices of all the products. Once you order any commodity from Farmley, you will be able to live track your orders. The order tracking includes information like when was the order placed, dispatched and delivered. Farmley is a platform from where one can buy high-quality product in bulk. Hygiene is of prime importance to TutuApp and therefore, you can be sure that the premium qualities provided by Farmley are safe. The USP of Farmley is that it operates in a sustainable way and is environment-friendly. When you buy products from Farmley, you not only buy high-quality food commodities but also end up helping the farmers. The next time when you want any food commodities in bulk, use Farmley.

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Download Medlife

TutuAppMedlife is India’s largest e-commerce platform. This rating was provided by Redseer Consulting. In the app, the users will find 100% genuine medics. You will find the best prices and in addition to that, the Medlife delivers their medicines in more than 4000 plus cities. The Medlife app further supports diagnostic services in the comfort of your home. It is NAB: certified and all the reports are 100% authentic. The app has more than 5000 plus healthcare products. The Medlife products guarantee export quality clinically tested and reasonable price. Ordering is easy and simple on the Medlife app. You can also track order on the Medlife app. The recent update about lockdown is now provided by Medlife. Even during the lockdown, Medlife is operational. However, they are facing small issues in delivery services and stock availability. However, the issue will be resolved soon.

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Download Signal Private Messengers

TutuAppJust from the name of the app, you must be having a clear idea what the Signal Private Messengers app is all about. Signal Private Messengers is the best app to stay private. In Signal Private Messengers, everything is always end-to-end encrypted. Make crustal-clear voice or video calls from anywhere on this app. With the help of disappearing messages, the app provides the users an opportunity to keep the message history tidy. Send anything, including messages with texts, gifs, audio or any file type. Stay connected with group conversations. If you are someone who is working remotely, feel free to use the Signal Private Messengers app for video conferences. Because of COVID-19 pandemic, many people are forced to work from home. It is important to stay connected even when you are working from home to maintain a balance. 

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Download Carelife

TutuAppEnsure your safety and manage emergencies easily with Carelife SOS Activation. Get help from personal contacts and public services through automated calls and location sharing. Receive emergency alerts when your loved ones are in danger. See their realtime location on the map. Never worry about your loved ones. Get their location without their interruption even if they are offline. Get verified disaster alerts containing emergency information and disaster response contacts. Read or listen to essential disaster safety tips. Learn and prepare for disaster emergencies. Just say “Help Help to activate SOS without even touching your phone or turning it on. Use the ad-free app in your preferred language. Carelife is now available in 90 plus languages. The app further supports location sharing and automated calls. Also, the following information is visible: name, blood group, medical information and allergies. The app shows verified disaster alerts. In addition to that, the app supports offline location tracking. The basic features of Carelife like emergency SOS activation, voice command activation, and safety widgets and panic button.

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