Download Dunzo from TutuApp

Dunzo TutuAppDunzo allows the users to have 24 X 7 delivery. You can fest on free delivery using the Dunzo app. Order food from any restaurant. For Dunzo, no order is too small. You can do grocer shopping at your fingertips. One can have fresh and quick to your doorstep. Never a good time to be sick. Get medicines delivered 23 X 7. The Dunzo app also supports treat for your paws. The pet supplies are delivered in a dash. Move things from here to there on the Dunzo app. Send packages across the city using the Dunzo app. The Dunzo app can be used by the users for getting items delivered from both near and far. The app allows you to check and do live order tracking. One can also earn freebies, cashback and a lot more using the Dunzo app. The Dunzo app supports fast delivery.

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Download Clockit: The Pomodoro Timer from TutuApp

Clockit: The Pomodoro Timer TutuAppOn the Clockit: The Pomodoro Timer, one can time their tasks and watch your productivity skyrocket. Streamline everything and set different timers for different tasks. With the Clockit: The Pomodoro Timer app, one can refresh and re-energize. Set duration between breaks and the app will handle the rest. The Clockit: The Pomodoro Timer app will also prove to be helpful for limiting yourself with overtime. Never will you spend too much time on something again. Know how you use your time and how productive you are. Everything is collected passively on the Clockit: The Pomodoro Timer app. It further do the following analysis: total time utilized, task most time spent on and take least time spent on. Make Clockit: The Pomodoro Timer yours with customizable theme colour. One can further check the performance on the Clockit: The Pomodoro Timer app.

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Download InnerHour Self-Care Therapy from TutuApp

InnerHour Self-Care TherapyInnerHour Self-Care Therapy app will help you to fight your anxiety and depression. The InnerHour Self-Care Therapy has special courses for support during health crises. Few of these courses are Adapting to work from home, Self-Care during pandemic and Managing health anxiety and panic. The InnerHour Self-Care Therapy app comes with curated programmes for different concerns like overcoming depression, sleeping better and beating anxiety. The personalized plans of InnerHour Self-Care Therapy will meet your specific needs. The blue card will be available at the top of your home screen. You can then access your plan for the day by cling on that card. The InnerHour Self-Care Therapy app further comes with scientific activities to build skills. The main aim of these activities is to bring back little colour into your life and make you feel better. The InnerHour Self-Care Therapy app further comes with self-care goals that will help you to form habits. It also comes with specialised tracker to log your mood. You can also seek professional support from therapists. The relief chatbot can be used for immediate support.

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Download Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App from TutuApp

Coffee Meets BagelCoffee Meets Bagel is the original anti-swiping app. Meet people picked just for you. On the Coffee Meets Bagel app, there are less swiping and more marching and more chatting. The personalized icebreakers make it easy to start good conversation. The Coffee Meets Bagel app supports actual dating and you can meet face-to-face faster with friendly date guidance. Coffee Meets Bagel knows that taking things slow is a faster way to meet someone special. Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app that works more like a matchmaker. Coffee Meets Bagel has already made 93 million matches. The app ensures personalized matchmaking. The premium feature of the Coffee Meets Bagel app is the CMB Premium. This feature helps the users to find matches that mean the most. The features give the users access to read receipts, activity reports and bundles deals.

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Download Flo My Health from TutuApp

Flo My HealthFlo My Health will help you to track your cycle, monitor your fertility and follow your pregnancy. The Flo My Health app features more than 80 plus health experts. You can use the Flo My Health app to identify your body’s pattern. Further, the Flo My Health app can be used to feel your best with a tailored plan. Also, one can use the Flo My Health app to discover your personalized library. Feel free to learn from more than 80 leading experts. Further, use the Flo My Health app to follow your baby’s growth. The Flo My Health app provides the users with a safe space to ask questions. Own your data on Flo My Health at all times. The Flo My Health app supports three kinds of password protection. Used by more than 140 million users, the Flo My Health app is a must-have app for the women.

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Download ZOOM Cloud Meetings from TutuApp

TutuAppZOOM Cloud Meetings is revolutionizing the way teams collaborate whether you are connecting multiple conference rooms or adding remote attendees you can always use the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app. Meeting face to face is as simple as a single touch with the highest video and audio quality joining a conference remotely is as natural as being there feature-rich and yet easy to use the zoom mobile and desktop apps. ZOOM Cloud Meetings is the one app for meetings, phone and chat.  One can enjoy amazing video and audio quality. One can view or present right from your phone. One can further co-annotate to share ideas. WIth the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app, you can stay connected with instant messaging. You can further use the app for making phone calls from the business number. Easily transfer phone calls to a Zoom meeting using the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app. Do video meetings from anywhere on the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app.

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Download Freedom Guru from TutuApp

Freedom GuruFreedom Guru is the world’s first emotional wellness app singularly focused on inner freedom. You can take a journey into inner freedom with Sage Robbins. Be the master of your emotional wellness using the Freedom Guru app. Also, you can become the master of your inner freedom. Journey into freedom with the six freedom reflections gifted to you. These freedom reflections are live with purpose, create success, forgive, anxiety, anger and be in peace. Open the door to an extraordinary life of inner freedom with the map to freedom. The free journeys available on Freedom Guru include seven days to freedom journey and 21 days of deepening journey. With the Freedom Guru app, it’s time for you to unshackle yourself because there is a freedom reflection waiting for you. If you want to get rid of any kind of limiting belief then the Freedom Guru app is just the perfect app for you.

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Download RememBear from TutuApp

RememBearYou can secure and remember your password with the RememBear app. On the RememBear, you will find everything in one place. All your logins in a single place and which is very easy to find. The RememBear app is friendly and easy to use. Being secure does not have to be complicated or boring. There is no need of typing passwords. From now on, a single tap auto-fills your logins and credit card details. You can access everywhere on the RememBear app. Your passwords within paw”s reach across all your devices. Everything is safe and secure in an encrypted in RememBear. Trusted¬† grizzly grade protection with end-to-end encryption and independent security auditing. It’s time for you to say hello to RememBear. It is simple, secure and handsome. It’s time for you to download the RememBear app for securing all your passwords in one manner.

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Download Resilio from TutuApp

Resilio TutuAppResilio is an app that will help you to sleep. The app supports the technology that enhances breathing. The Resilio app has reinvented meditation. The Resilio app has been declared as the best approach to meditation that one has come across. You can literally see your heartbeat in synch with your breathing. Your iPhone’s camera turns into a biosensor that Resilio uses to monitor the mental state of the user. The Mastering pressure session helps one to built the ability to economize your resources and learn how to rise above times of pressure. You can use the Learn the Techniques program to begin and learn how breathing is your path to gearing down on command. Do you know that meditation has been around since 5000 BC? Using the Resilio app to use 21st century technology to make it work better fo us. Resilio is the newest app which is available in the app store.

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Download Glo from TutuApp

GloGlo is a yoga and meditation app. The Glo app supports unlimited yoga, meditation, pilates and fitness. The app has always been awarded Women’s Health Fit Tech Award Winner 2020. It has also been awarded the best at-home workout equipment by Forbes. One can also schedule a live class to practice with your favorite teachers in real time. Choose from four beginner class series to jumpstart your practice. Using the Glo app, quickly find the right class using keywords and filters in search. Discover inspiring content for what you need now with the search tiles which are present on the Glo app. Get in the mood to move with hand-mixed music that you can now control. The app further supports personalized recommendations inspired by your practice. Explore 16 styles of yoga, meditation, and pilates of all levels. Save, download and organize your favorite classes in the library tab of the Glo app.

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